Do We Have A Cure for Diabetes Yet?

Diabetes is a disease of modern culture with high occurrence.

Unsurprisingly, it is an affliction that concerns a lot of individuals and health care professionals for the extent of its damage to health as well as its tenaciousness in being cured.

There is one simple answer to the question of diabetes cure, which is this: no, it is not possible yet to cure diabetes. At the same time, much of the cure comes by way of a proper control of signs, symptoms and triggers.

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Diabetes can lead to several complications including kidney malfunction, oral health problems, and cardio-vascular diseases – and according to the CDC, this leads to an increased risk of strokes, heart attacks, angina, etc.

Understanding your Diabetes can help You Control It

While it’s true that you may not cure yourself of diabetes, it is important to understand what causes diabetes in the first place. In its most basic stage, diabetes is a form of digestive disorder.

Insulin-producing cells are present in the pancreas: when these are destroyed, there’s lowered amounts of insulin in the body which leads to Type-1 Diabetes. There are different causes of diabetes including hereditary factors (genes) and pancreatic disorders as well as obesity and environmental causes or viruses and infant-feeding patterns.

According to the National Diabetes Statistics Report, every two people die from causes related to diabetes every five minutes: knowing the triggers and being aware of these statistics can help people be more alert. After all, Type-1 diabetes can be controlled more easily than Type-2.

The Possibility of Cure of Diabetes through Drugs

With the severe complications of diabetes wreaking havoc on at least 9.7%, a huge segment of the population – a staggering 29 million in the US alone – it is unsurprising that major drug companies have been working towards eliminating the disease effectively and permanently.

As yet, there is no miracle cure that completely eliminates the disease but there are several short-term medicines available for more effective control. Insulin is a popular choice for Type-1 insulin deficiency-inspired diabetes. Precose is another medicine that lowers digestion of starch and consequent rises in blood sugar levels.

Chlorpromides allow for the release of insulin from the pancreas, naturally, that can consequently enable better handling of diabetes. Initially, borderline diabetes may be controlled with lifestyle changes discussed below, but at more advanced stages there is no cure but only a control of diabetes which is offered through modern medical sciences.

Exercise and Diet for Dealing with Diabetes

At Harvard, scientists have found conclusive link between cardiovascular diseases and insulin resistance in mice with obesity, although there is no direct proof of the same for humans. Dr. Hotamisgli and Christopher Newgard see this as a significantly important finding while cautiously optimistic of its impact on the development of new cures and insights into diabetes for human beings.

For instance, the avoidance of carbohydrates, fats and sugary or starchy products can help reduce the blood glucose level and prevent conditions from degenerating. Incorporation of better and healthier, low-sodium, low-sugar, low-starch, low-carb and smaller portions of healthy foods is absolutely essential.

At the same time, constant activity in terms of exercise can increase the metabolism of nutrients including breakdown of carbs. 30-minute daily exercise in the form of dancing, swimming, running or cycling can reduce the risk of diabetes related complications significantly.

If you’re worried about your diabetes, the American Association of Diabetes Educators offers further insights into this problem. While you may never manage to eliminate diabetes yet, you can definitely control it with proper understanding of causes, constant monitoring, consistent medication, lifestyle changes in the form of daily exercise and dietary reforms.


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