What is Celiac Disease

Celiac disease is a condition in which inflammation is noticed and it happens because some people may be genetically prone to a disease known as eat wheat.

Potatoes; image source: pexels.com

According to certain figures released by The Celiac Disease Foundation, there is supposedly one in every one hundred thirty-three people affected by celiac disease in the United States and this disease is known to run in families.

Control Your Diet

What causes celiac disease is as yet not known and there is also no known medication that can treat the disease, and the best that you can do is to control your diet. In fact, your diet should not have anything that contains gluten which is an absolute no-no for any patient of celiac disease, even if the symptoms have not shown up for quite some time, and this is because the tiniest amount of gluten can make the symptoms reappear.

It is normal to find gluten in wheat, rye, barley and oats and any patient of celiac disease must ensure that his or her diet is totally free from gluten which is easier said than done because gluten is present in so many processed food items. Thus, you should carefully read the labels of food items to ensure that the product is indeed gluten free, and if any doubt exists, it is better to avoid that product rather than take a chance that may only prove to be very costly in the long term.

A safe and gluten-free diet

A safe and gluten-free diet may include plain rice, potatoes, corn, legumes as well as millet and peas and also corn, olive, peanuts, sunflower oil and also canola. On the other hand, foods that should not be taken include bread, pasta, whole wheat, pizza, bran, spaghetti, oatmeal, crackers, croutons, pastries and bagel as well as beer. Once you stick to the proper foods and abstain from those that are not permitted, you will find that your symptoms will gradually subside, after which you may add some processed or even prepared food to your diet.

However, eating out will not be so easy for anyone affected by celiac disease and if you do eat out, then eat fruits, cheese as well as salads without dressing, and also remember to eat before you go out to eat so that hunger will not tempt you into trying foods that are not allowed for you.

Another thing you should be aware of is that gluten is not just confined to foods alone, and there are certain other items such as cosmetics including chap sticks and lipsticks, stamps and also envelopes as well as some over the counter medicines and also prescription medications that can contain gluten. Thus, you should exercise care even outside of diet to ensure that you are not taking gluten in any form whatsoever.


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