How to Eat Healthier at Fast Food Restaurants

You are in a hurry and you still haven’t eaten lunch and your first thought is that a nearby fast food restaurant has nothing healthy to offer.

Eating at fast food restaurants is often an only option. Eating healthy is something that most everyone struggle with doing nowadays.

Sometimes we think that there is nothing healthy to eat at a fast food place. You might look at the menu and think to yourself that just looking at the menu is making you fat. You probably even stand there for what seem like hours before you make that unhealthy choice.

You get your food, sit down and half way through you feel like you’ve gained a hundred pounds. Well, even though you may not think so there are some options to consider when visiting a fast food restaurant.

Salads are main choices at some restaurants. If it’s not a main choice then usually it can be found as a side dish. Order a side salad as a main course or get a meal and replace fries with a salad. Don’t take fat and sugar rich dressing, use vinegar and olive oil instead.

Some restaurants have a choice for apples. Order apples instead of fries with your meal.

Chicken wraps
Chicken wraps are popular in most fast food restaurants. The problem is they are usually fried chicken or crispy. Sometimes if you ask they may bake or grill the chicken.

Soup sometimes may be on the menu. If so it might be there as a side. Order soup and side salad.

Chicken sandwiches
If you must have a sandwich try a chicken sandwich. Ask for grilled chicken or baked chicken.

Sometimes hamburgers are the only choice to make. Try ordering it without mayo. Ask for lettuce and tomatoes only on it.

If fries are an only option for a side ask for unsalted fries. Some places may offer turkey burgers, if so ask for turkey instead of beef.

Tea is sometimes available to drink choose tea rather than soft drinks.Lemonade: Although a bit sugary, Lemonade is another healthier drink than soft drinks.

If tea or lemonade isn’t available to drink ask for water. Water is always available and besides its a much healthier choice than tea or lemonade anyways.

Soft drinks
If you want to splurge and get soft drinks try not to get a refill.

We all get a sweet tooth especially at a fast food restaurant. As much as chocolate cakes and ice cream smothered in chocolate syrup are tempting to get. A healthier choice might be frozen yogurt or a fruit smoothie.


The options listed above are all options that I have seen at many fast food restaurants. I hope that you find these choices helpful. Next time you stop for food on the go, take some time, look at the menu.

You would be surprised at what healthy choices that are actually on the menu. When it seems like there is nothing healthy to choose, look at the menu closely. Healthier choices are there, hiding in plain sight. So even when you’re in a hurry there are plenty of healthy choices to eat.

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