How anti-friction or low-friction tapes and adhesives are vital for food packaging

The food packaging industry is a delicate one since the products which are dealt with are those for human consumption. This means all the materials used have to be highly effective and at the same time safe as they have to meet the FDA approval for safety for human use.

The tapes and adhesive can at times come in contact with the food without contaminating them. The food packaging industry is characterized by high temperature, high pressure, constant movement, and wear and tear. This means that the tapes which have to be used must be able to handle these challenges.

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The other thing in the food packaging is that the materials used should be able to reach maximum adhesion in the shortest time possible and this is exactly what these tapes and adhesives provide. Let’s look at some of the reasons why these low-friction or anti-friction tapes and adhesives are vital in the food packaging industry.

1. High friction and Abrasion resistance

Food packages in the same place or container are bound to have friction due to constant movement which can tamper with the quality of the packaging.

The anti-friction and the adhesives come with a reduced anti-friction coefficient of more than 80% making it highly resistant and durable. The tapes apart from being anti-friction, they are also abrasion resistance and anti-stick and can tighten the package they seal. The material can handle a high level of stress which is associated with food packaging without altering the integrity of the packaging. Using the low friction tapes and adhesive is very useful because they have excellent resistance to abrasion which makes it a very good protector for the package’s surfaces.

2. High-Temperature resistance

The anti-friction or low friction tape and adhesives are ideally suitable for food packaging because of their unique characteristics.  The temperatures in the food packaging industry can vary from very cold to sometimes very hot. This is why the anti-friction adhesive comes in handy as it can handle up to a temperature of as low as -54 degrees all the way to 260 degrees.

The fluctuation in temperature ranges means that the quality of the tapes is quite high in such a way that temperature does not affect their performance in any way. They do not melt even under extreme temperatures even though the adhesive may become soft, regardless of the high-temperature resistance, the tapes have an easy release meaning one does not have to struggle to remove the tapes as they can be peeled off quite easily.

3. High Flexibility

The other thing which is very vital in the food packaging industry is that the food packaged has to be held in place once packed. The low friction and adhesive are thick and at the same time lightweight and can wrap around any surface. This gives a lot of flexibility as it does not matter the shape of the surface as it can wrap around any surface as long as it is dry.

The other thing is that they do not require high pressure to achieve high adhesive as they can be easily manipulated using minimal pressure like that of the hand. The high tack tape can adhere to any surface as long as it is clean and dry thus anchoring the product in place. The adhesives also make them easier to stick to the surface and one does not run the risk of the wrapping getting undone when in storage or in transit.

4. Low moisture Absorption

The other quality of anti-friction tape which makes them even more suitable for the food packaging industry is that they have effective low moisture absorption. This is because they are water resistant. The food packaged does not run the risk of contamination from moisture as its low moisture absorption. The fact that it has a low moisture absorption reduces the chances of leaving residue when the tape is being peeled off which is mostly generated by moisture.

Based on the above benefits, more and more food packaging industries are resulting in using these anti-friction tapes and adhesives as they are highly effective. On top of that, most of them are economical as they can last for a very long time increasing the shelf life of the packages. There are many brands available in the market. The most important thing is to purchase from a reliable dealer who can assure the above-mentioned characteristics in the tapes and adhesives.


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