Resistance training tips for beginners

Resistance training is great for a newbie as it helps to build strength, endurance, increase body resting rate, lowers blood pressure and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Beginners are advised not to neglect strength training if they hope to get fit.

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Relying on cardio alone cannot bring the result you seek. Below are tips beginners should follow for strength training, and to make the process more efficient.

Follow the same moves every day as a beginner

Beginners should never get carried away or try to imitate other seasoned lifters because they have been training for long and can successfully perform different exercises each day, without anything going wrong. Do not follow this type of training routine otherwise, things might get complicated for you.

Ensure that you perform the same moves twice or thrice a week to build some level of fitness as well as strength. Repeat the exercise for better result and increase weights gradually to become stronger.

Learn the technique properly

To build strength and avoid injuries, you must perform technique accurately. Assuming the wrong posture or not properly executing technique can cause injury. Allow your instructor to correct you on what to do if you have one. You can also ask someone who knows about the technique or a bodybuilder to correct you.

Using proper technique will help you to work on the right muscles and not strain them. And if you really want to learn, you can make a one-time investment in a single training session, just to allow a trainer to show you the right grips, motions, and positions.

Beginners on a tight budget who don’t want to spend money on a trainer can learn using free online videos, for example on

Prep those muscles before starting

Everyone, whether beginners or otherwise, needs proper warm-ups before starting a session.

The warm-up helps to loosen up tight muscles and make the strength workout more effective. Foam rolling your muscles is a good way to wake them up. It will help to prepare your muscles for what they are about to do as well as increase your range of motion.

List of workout to help you warm-up

  • Leg Cradle to side lunge
  • Back Lunge to groiner
  • Quad pull with tilt
  • Hip bridge with reach
  • Three-point T-spine

Know the actual amount of weight you need

You just have to do a little bit of experiment to know the right amount of weight you should be using.

And even though you are so eager to see the effect of your workout faster, remember that it will be better and safer to start with too light than too heavy. It is also safe to discontinue a workout if you are feeling any form of discomfort.


These tips are great for beginners who are looking to build their strength and get the most out of their workouts. They will also help beginners to prevent injuries, as well as muscle strain during a workout. The best thing to do is to follow them strictly.


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