How to Avoid Lower Back Pain While Jogging

Although running is healthy overall, it can put a repetitive stress on the back that will eventually lead to lower back pain.

In order to maximize your workouts, you will need to minimize the risk of this happening to you.

Here are a few of the best ways to avoid lower back pain while jogging.

First, have the right physio supplies.

You can get the right physio supplies from companies such as Vivomed wherein you can find the appropriate physical supplementation you need before and after you jog.

If you like to go at it hard-core, you may need a bit of help in terms of your physical conditioning and nutrition – just like the way a weightlifter needs extra protein at times.

Second, obey the laws of all workouts

Before you begin any high impact or overly repetitive activity, make sure that you stretch your body out first.

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When it comes to running, you need to stretch out the spine before you condense it by the running activity. Focus on the hamstrings as well.

The large muscles in the back of the thigh do not receive a great deal of special attention in the day-to-day life of the average person, and surprising them with a huge activity can lead to back pain when running.

Third, make sure that you have the right gear.

When you run, make sure that you have on comfortable sneakers that support your entire foot.

Back pain can originate from anywhere, so be sure that you pay attention to other points in the body that feel as though they may be overworked or unsupported.

The back will always try to compensate for any muscles that have become worn down during a workout. The proper support gear will ensure that you can keep up your efforts for the longest period of time.

Fourth, watch where you run.

In general, you want to run on a forgiving surface. Rubber is the best material to run on. Cement is the worst.

If you run around your neighbourhood like many people do, choose the street instead of the sidewalk and run towards traffic so that you can hit the sidewalk if the street gets busy.

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