Always Tired? Here Are Some Common Reasons Why

Do you constantly feel tired and have no idea why? Some people can easily identify what’s causing them to lose sleep, whether it’s late-night TikTok videos or small children. Others do everything right and still feel exhausted in the morning.

If you’ve been struggling with fatigue, there could be a number of habit or health-related causes. Here are some common reasons why people feel tired, despite their best efforts.

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Subtle Sleep Disruptions

If you’re someone who gets the baseline eight hours of sleep each night, feeling fatigued and tired all day can be confusing. However, the mind doesn’t fully register disruptions in any given sleep period. You could be waking up multiple times or spending too little time in a deep sleep without realizing it.

Use a sleep tracker to get a better idea of what’s happening during your rest periods. You could have sleep apnea or could be disrupted regularly by something happening in your environment.

Ensure that your room is set up for high-quality sleep. Invest in a good mattress, cut out bedtime social media, and develop proper sleep hygiene habits before moving on to other potential issues on this list.


If you’re someone who exercises regularly and has big training goals, then proper rest is of the utmost importance. You’ve researched the resources at Energetic Lifestyle, you’ve found the training schedule that works for you, and you’re showing up for yourself during every workout. So what’s the problem?

Your body needs time to rest and recover in order to repair your muscles and replenish your energy sources. If you’re someone who feels tired all the time and you train every day, consider working a few active rest days into your monthly routine. Your body will thank you for the break.

Hormonal Disruptions

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Hormones and sleep habits are a vicious cycle. When your hormones get disrupted, they impact your sleep quality. Conversely, when you experience sleep deprivation, your hormones become dysregulated, as sleep is when hormonal regulation takes place within the body.

Women experiencing menopause and men with low testosterone often experience disrupted sleep and constant exhaustion. Consider reaching out to have your hormones tested via a blood panel.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Another subtle issue that could be causing an overwhelming sense of exhaustion is a nutrient deficiency. While most people gravitate toward taking a multivitamin, it’s important to have testing done to determine what specific vitamins and minerals your body needs.

For example, you could read about a vitamin B12 deficiency causing exhaustion and supplement accordingly. However, your fatigue could actually be linked to low iron bordering on anemia.

Take a proactive approach to combating nutrient deficiencies with a well-balanced diet rich in minimally processed protein and produce. Get a blood panel completed to determine what areas are lacking so you can treat the cause.

Mental Health Issues

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When the human mind can’t accurately identify an intense emotional feeling, it often manifests as a physical experience. The same applies to mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety, and chronic stress. Unfortunately, it can be incredibly challenging to identify those issues in oneself.

If you’re feeling constantly exhausted, look at the issue in the context of the rest of your existence. Are you happy, or are you feeling out of touch with yourself? Consider reaching out to a medical professional for mental health screening.

Undiagnosed Illness

Finally, there are other illnesses that could be impacting your energy levels. This concern is reason enough to seek medical advice. Autoimmune diseases, diabetes and thyroid issues can all negatively impact energy levels and present as a sense of chronic fatigue.

Take some time to look at the factors within your control as it pertains to your energy levels. If you focus on creating healthy sleep hygiene, nutrition, and training habits, and see no improvement, seek medical attention to find the cause.



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