How to Detox Your Body

Each person’s body gathers toxins from the environment, secondary smoke and food additives. There are a few simple ways to clean your body from all the toxins that have accumulated over time.

It does not mean to turn your life around, but making some healthier choices, like eliminating alcohol, tobacco and refined sugars, will be necessary.

Get moving

First thing to do is exercise! Working out is much more than losing weight. It improves the circulation, helps in obtaining more powerful muscles and thicker bones, and aids the total strength and stability of the body. What is most important, the body gets rid of toxins through sweating during the workout.

detoxing your body
Detoxing your body with raw foods; image source:

If you are not the “sweat and workout type of person” try yoga. Yoga is all about the mind and body connection, it is a type of exercise that helps in stress release, increases flexibility and restores body balance through proper breathing during the movements.


Introducing fasting days every once in a while releases the tension from the digestive tract (while breaking down ingested food) and allows the body to rest and get back on track.

Fasting days should be performed when there are less food temptations; days when you are at home and it is easier to avoid eating tasty-looking food served in restaurants.

When fasting, enjoy a lot liquid meals (such as natural smoothies and soups) and introduce probiotics in your menu. Probiotics (good bacteria found in yoghurt) will help clean your digestive system from the trash that builds up constantly.

Eat healthy

For those people who do not want to introduce radical changes in the lifestyle and eating regime, substituting a meal with a detoxifying smoothie is one easy way to do it. It is very important that you prepare your own smoothies.

Use natural products that promote digestion and contain fibers (kale, apples, bananas, parsley, citruses, spinach, flax seed, avocado, nuts, and berries). By eating properly you will stimulate your liver to flush out toxins from the body.

Detoxifying programs

For the ones that do not really enjoy spending time in the kitchen there are other available options. A number of body cleaning diets like fruit and veggie detox, smoothie and juice cleanse etc. lasting from 24 hours to 7 days are available online, promoting natural green juices that restore body balance. While a detox programme is ideal for cleaning your body of toxins it is not a permanent solution. A detox diet must be short term because it can lead to nutrient deficiencies in the long term such as protein deficiency. You would do well to limit these diets to just once or twice a year.


Another useful tip is drinking green tea instead of coffee in the morning. Green tea contains antioxidants that help detox the body, but also caffeine that will provide you with the morning boost you are used to. Enjoying herbal teas improves overall body health.

However, the simplest thing to do is to drink more water. Water cleans the body, helps for getting clearer skin and improves the work of the internal organs.

The rule is at least 8 cups (1 cup = 200 mL) water per day or 1 L water for every 25 kg of body weight. Adding lemon to the water will increase its cleaning effect.


At last, sleep is very important for a healthy body. Getting enough of it (7-8 hours) is important for the body to rest properly.

When people are tired or exhausted, they usually enjoy food rich in carbohydrates (sweets, chocolates, chips) that give you instant energy, but are very bad for the body. When people are well rested, they are more prone to make the right healthy life choices.


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