Drinking on a Diet

Diets are hugely popular, and more people than ever are restricting their diet in order to cut weight or lead a healthier lifestyle. Over 45 million Americans took up some kind of diet in 2018, an astonishing number for one of the least healthy countries in the developed world.

But many do not want to give up all luxuries when going on a diet, and those on a diet will likely have several cheats which allow them to still enjoy their favorite food or drink.

Drinking is often one of the first things those going on a diet, especially a weight loss diet, are encouraged to drop.  But, for many people drinking is a social activity they enjoy with their friends and family.

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How to still enjoy alcohol on a diet

Here we will present several ways in which you can keep to your diet but still enjoy drinking alcohol at the bar or other social events.

For many people who go on a diet, it is all about losing weight.  And, many types of alcohol are high in calories and low in nutritional value, so dieticians will advise cutting them.

And there are several studies that back up the claim that drinking is bad for weight loss, but this is often due to the habits of drinkers rather than solely the alcohol.  There are several steps you can take to ensure that you are less impacted by the negative dietary effects of alcohol and instead you receive some positive benefits.


A rule of thumb to stick to is that you should be eating when you are drinking.  This may be counterintuitive, but as long as you don’t increase your calorie intake by overeating, you can lower the negative health effects of alcohol.

Snacking on small food items in the bar while you are drinking can lower stabilize your blood sugar level and metabolism.  But it is important to keep the snacks healthy, something often tricky if you are in a seedy bar.

But, some extra effort will go a long way in keeping to the latest diet trends.


Unfortunately for heavy drinkers out there, moderation is also key to allowing yourself to drink while on a diet.

Binge drinking is horrible for a diet as it massively increases your calorie intake in a short amount of time.  Also, after a long night of drinking, you are far more likely to eat unhealthy foods in your hope of recovering from a hangover.

Therefore, it is best to max out at about two to three drinks a night in order to prevent the worst effects of drinking.

Alexander Kruger of canadiangentleman.ca said, “finding the right drink for you is important, and this often comes with age.  As men and women grow older they often grow more sophisticated in their taste and are more comfortable enjoying a more expensive glass of whiskey or wine than drinking 12 beers or a load of cocktails.”

It is still possible to have a fun night out and still keep to your diet.  You may have to sacrifice your wild drinking days, but your head and body will likely reward you the next morning.

With this said, your diet should not hold you back from enjoying life and having a good time with your friends and family.  So, arming yourself with a couple of tips should help you meet your goals and keep enjoying late night culture.

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