Contemporary Diet Plans That Have Got Everyone Talking

There are so many weights loss programmes out there, literally hundreds of thousands.

It’s impossible to keep track, and really hard to choose from.

And they aren’t even all for losing weight! Some are for weight loss; some are for weight gain… Others are used to lower cholesterol and still more are just in order to make your life as long and healthy as possible.

The HCG diet has made sustained buzz for several years, with several reports of its success, complemented by some criticism as well.

This diet is about gluten-free consumption, and remarkably low calorie intake supplemented by HCG injections or drops.

And then you have diets based on the culinary habits of people in particular places, such as the Mediterranean diet. Now, there are a few diet plans that are all the rage these days; let’s know more about them.

1. Atkins Diet:

Also called the Atkins Nutritional Approach, it emphasizes controlling our body’s insulin levels. It has been found that consuming substantial amounts of refined carbs causes these levels to rise at a rapid pace, and then fall equally rapidly.

The rising levels cause the body to store as much energy from our food as possible, also making it far less likely that our body fat will be used up as energy. People on the Atkins diet consume large amounts of protein and low amounts of carbs.

2. The Zone Diet:

According to the Zone Diet, the perfect nutritional balance is that of 40% carbs, 30% protein and 30% fat. Like the Atkins diet, it also focuses on exerting control over the body’s insulin levels, with the hope of bringing about body weight control as well as a more effective weight loss strategy.

It emphasizes consuming good quality carbohydrates, meaning completely unrefined carbs and fats. This includes nuts, avocado, olive oil, and so on.

3. Vegetarian Diet:

The Vegetarian Diet is not just one diet, but a class of diets. There’s the lacto vegetarian diet, the lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, the fruitarian diet, the semi-vegetarian diet, and lots more.

Now, the majority of vegetarians go for the lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, meaning that the only animal-based foods they eat are honey, dairy and eggs (vegans, meanwhile, consume no animal-based foods at all).

A vegetarian diet has loads of health benefits, including a lower risk of various diseases, a lower average body weight, and a longer life expectancy, as compared to those who do eat meat.

4. The Weight Watchers Diet:

The Weight Watchers Inc. was created in 1963. Homemaker Jean Nidetch had lost some weight, and was worried that she would put it back on, so she enlisted the support of her friends to help her.

Today, Weight Watchers is a worldwide brand, with branches around the globe. The Weight Watchers Diet does not simply focus on exercise and diet in order to use weight, but emphasizes the importance of having a support network.

Meetings are held not only physically, but online as well. Whichever way you choose, you will get access to loads of diet resources, and have a very supportive group of people to help you.


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