4 Calorie-cutting Substitutes

Summer is around the corner, and that means many people will be looking to get in their best shape in order to show off at the beach. It’s not always necessary to make such huge sacrifices just to look good, but there are multiple solutions that will allow you to live a healthier life while you work towards looking your best at the beach.

Veganism and vegetarianism are all the rage, and a larger part of the population is also trying to live health conscious while they remain fit.

In this review will leave with several options of how best to mix the two and cut calories while living a greener and healthier life.

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Breakfast Solutions

As the saying goes, breakfast is the most important meal. This is for a host of reasons, including that it’s good to start with some food, so you ward off your hunger and eat smaller meals for the rest of the day.

However, many people eat unhealthy breakfasts with lots of unnecessary sugars and calories. Yogurt is a go-to option for many during breakfast, but rather than buying the store brand yogurt with mixed in fruit and other sugars, it is best to buy plain yogurt and mix in your own fresh fruit. This way you make sure you get the nutrients from the fruit while cutting down on added sugar.

Tea and Coffee

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People with busy work lives often rely on caffeine, but reliance on tea or coffee does not mean that you have to consume unhealthy versions of it.

If you drink coffee or tea it is best to drink the straight version, black coffee or unsweetened tea. But, if you just have to have a little something in your coffee or tea, there are still low calorie, healthy options.

Stevia will sweeten coffee or tea, but it has the enormous benefit of not containing calories. It is also one of the healthiest sugar replacements available to coffee and tea drinkers.

Meat Substitutes

Many carnivores often eat meat out of habit, and while the taste can be alluring, more companies are now developing meat substitute products that are getting closer to the real thing.

Maybe it will never be exactly the same, but there are more reasons than just ethics to drop meat out of your diet at least occasionally.

Meat substitutes are often lower in calories than the meat they are replacing and incorporating them into your recipes can be an easy solution to cutting calories.

Lorena Castillo from FITFORBEACH said, “meat substitutes are one of the fastest growing segments in the food industry. This points to the demand from consumers to increase protein intake to keep up their fitness outside of just going to the gym.”

Snacking and Desserts

Eating too many snacks is one of the many ways in which people fall into the overeating trap. And, old habits can die hard.

However, there are various substitutes to placate sweet tooths and snack lovers alike.  Low fat and high protein snack replacements are everywhere and take a few simple changes to get used. Rather than having a healthy snack bar, a handful of nuts can do the trick.

Likewise, with deserts instead of high fat ice cream, you can choose sorbet or frozen fruit bar for a healthier alternative.

With a little effort, it can be very easy to shift your diet to a lower calorie and healthier version.

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