8 Benefits of Dental Implants And Why You Should Consider Them

The technology and techniques used in dentistry continue to improve, but people still suffer tooth loss because of decay and disease.

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Tooth loss can have a devastating effect on your self-confidence, but help is available from your dentists in Tampa FL. If you have suffered tooth loss, a dental implant is an option your Florida dentist will offer you to replace your missing teeth.

A dental implant is a fabricated tooth positioned using a titanium root positioned directly into the bone beneath the gums. Several companies have begun to create removable dental implants to make it easier to match them to your natural tooth color.

1. A Longer Life

Dental implants may seem to cost more than dentures when the initial costs are compared. WebMD reports the cost of a dental implant can be a single payment when cared for correctly. The need to repair or replace a dental implant will not be required when you brush regularly and attend semi-annual checkups.

The ability to avoid maintenance costs is an advantage over dentures or other forms of false teeth, which have to be altered to fit your mouth regularly.

2. Avoid Changes to Your Features

The loss of teeth can harm the features of your face and neck. Tooth loss can result in your cheeks, lips, and jawline becoming sunken because your teeth provide the support for these features.

By choosing dental implants, you are lessening the impact of tooth loss on your features and limiting the changes to your appearance that accompany them. By filling the gaps in your smile with dental implants, the structural integrity of your jaw will remain intact for years to come.

3. Combat Gum Disease

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For patients who are affected by gum disease, the issue of lost teeth need not be a problem. Dentists in Tampa FL can combat gum disease with dental implants because they do not develop cavities. The problem of gum disease can lead to the loss of an arch of teeth, which includes four teeth close together lost to decay.

MedicineNet reports the manufacturers of dental implants have created the rule of four, which allows four teeth close together to be replaced by dental implants with no loss of strength or integrity. The care of dental implants is similar to the care of regular teeth and includes regular brushing and flossing.

4. Keep Your Healthy Diet

A problem identified by denture wearers is the inability to retain their healthy diet. Healthy foods, such as nuts, and apples, can result in sliding dentures moving around as the wearer tries to chew without their dentures sliding out of place.

The ability to eat a healthy and varied diet will allow you to maintain the health of your existing teeth. A healthy diet has been linked to improvements in every part of life, from concentration to longevity.

5. They Don’t Weaken Your Teeth

The teeth you have can be weakened when you take up a different option for repairing your smile. Veneers and bridges require the existing teeth to be worn down and damaged to allow them to be positioned over your natural smile.

The impact of filing down your teeth and preparing them for veneers will harm your oral health. Crowns and veneers can lead to poor oral health and the weakening of the teeth around those replaced.

6. Eliminate Embarrassing Dentures

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Removable dentures can be removed and leave the wearer in embarrassing situations. At times when you require a consistent smile that lasts for years, your dentist in Tampa FL believes in the benefits of dental implants. Removable dentures can fall out or slide at embarrassing moments, with dental implants fixed in your mouth to limit the potential for embarrassment.

The choice of dentures can have several effects o the wearer, including the issue of specialist care. Dentures are removed and cleaned using dedicated products each night to keep them looking healthy. Dental implants are cared for naturally through brushing, flossing, and regular checkups.

7. Remove Insecurities

Whether you have lost teeth or your teeth are yellowing, you will face the issue of a lower level of self-confidence. Anxiety and upset can be caused by issues with your smile, but dental implants remove your insecurities by returning you to a healthy set of teeth.

The improvement in your self-confidence will positively affect several areas of life as you feel more confident in your smile.

8. A Short Recovery Time

The process of restoring your smile with dental implants is not a long one, with dentists expecting you to bounce back in a short period of time. You will face a few days of eating soft foods before returning to a normal diet and lifestyle soon after surgery is complete.

There are several benefits you need to consider when you are considering dental implants. Your dentists in Tampa FL will guide you through the full list of benefits and explain how your oral health will be improved by dental implants.


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