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Both, men and women tend to go for radical diets when they want to lose weight. You must realize that radical diets usually only bring short-term results. Read about losing weight the proper way!

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Weight loss tips for women
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General lose weight tips

If you’re serious about losing weight than you’ve probably already begin doing the right things to get in shape. If you haven’t yet, no worries – it’s never too late. Here are some good weight loss tips described in this article. This tips are not typical though, so we encourage you to read on!

The path to successful weight loss is proper nutrition every day and a lot of movement. Are you too busy to regularly attend fitness? Then the following tips are just for you.
It’s important to exercise! Endurance exercises are beneficial to your cardiovascular system, your metabolism of fats and carbohydrates and the insulin levels in the blood. If you want your body to burn significant amount of fat calories you will need some muscles. The less muscle you have, the slower the dieting – also, after dieting additional weight will be back faster.

Forget the excuses of not having the time to go to the gym or to go outside and run for 1 hour, because there are quite a few options to exercise without having to visit the sports center. Start your day actively in the morning.

  • First thing in the morning have a good stretch, because stretching not only awakens your body and mind but also mobilize your joints and helps the blood flow increase.
  • Strengthen your legs while brushing your teeth! Stand on your toes a little, then hold a few seconds and repeat that 10-20 times.
  • Take advantage of your lunch break and walk outside in the fresh air.
  • If possible listen to the music while working – your body will automatically follow the rhythm.
  • When making a phone call walk around the room.
  • Forget the elevator. Walk up the stairs to strengthen your legs and buttocks.
  • Go to work by bike. If you go to work by bus or metro, step off it one station before your final destination and continue on foot.

Weight loss tips for men

Difference between men and women is that men tend to have problems with fat on stomach area, whereas women have problems with additional fat on thighs and buttocks. Still, bot sex have issues with being overweight. Keep in mind that results won’t come over night, but you will need a lot of patience. If you have been living an unhealthy life for 5 years you can’t just expect to lose weight in 1 month. It will usually take a lot more than that. Don’t give up! Results will eventually come and you will be so proud of yourself. It is so worth it!

Weight loss tips for men:

  • Drink water!
  • Eat more meals per day – at least 4!
  • Eat only when you’re really hungry. Don’t just eat something because of habbit.
  • Think of what you can start eating that is healthy that you didn’t eat before!
  • Try to avoid late night snacks. Although is feels so good to eat in the middle of the night, be advise that this is a really bad habit. Rather eat big in the morning. When you get up at night feeling hungry – drink a lot of water. You will feel full and you will do your body a great favour.
  • Avoid coffee and alcohol!

Again, don’t expect results over night. You need to be patient. If you really want to lose weight you need to change your lifestyle!

Weight loss tips for women

tips for weight lossWomen have problems with additional fat on the thigh area and on the buttocks area. To deal with the extra weight you will need to start eating properly and start to workout. Results can’t come over night. But expect them sooner or later. After you are fit, don’t go the same road again. Stay fit.

Weight loss tips for women:

  • Set yourself an achievable goal. Define your ideal weight and make a plan for how you will achieve your goal weight. Be patient as results won’t come over night.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help and support. Let your family and friends know that you are on a diet. Ask them to help you with additional advice.
  • Vitamins are good for you. Enjoy a lot of fruits, eat 3 apples per day. Enjoy vitamin supplements, but don’t consume too much of supplements.
  • Walk. While walking your body uses additional energy and calories. Do not forget to exercise. Walking is a very good starting choice. Later on, switch to jogging.
  • Sleep a lot! 8 hours per night is perfect. To make your body burn calories efficiently it needs to rest.

Fast weight loss tips

As already mentioned above, results can’t appear over night. You need time to lose weight. And by losing weight I refer to losing body fat, not losing muscle mass or losing water out of your body. Below are some quick weight loss tips that are efficient. Again, you can’t lose weight quickly. If you lose 2 kilograms in one day be sure that you didn’t lose 2 kilograms of fat but you rather lost some water from your body. 2 kilograms equals 2 liters of water. Anyway, back to quick weight loss tips:

  • Stop drinking drinks with added sugar. Sugar is your enemy. Drink water.
  • Stop eating food that has a lot of unhealthy fat.
  • Don’t eat later at night if you are not physically active druing the day.
  • Start doing some sports – running, swimming, skating…
  • Eat more vegetables.


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