Senior Care Center Tips To Keep Residents Hydrated

Keeping people hydrated is crucially important and this is most true for the elderly. The elderly in care homes often find themselves dehydrated and it can have notable effects.

Senior Care Center have provided these tips to help ensure hydration and well-being.

Read on and learn more.

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17 Senior care tips

  • Keep beverages close at hand in areas where they are clearly visible.
  • Choose small glasses or bottles and fill them only part way. Oftentimes, elderly people in senior care services worry about accidentally spilling drinks if their glasses are too full or too heavy.
  • Provide cold water rather than warm.
  • Make sure the glasses are small enough that they are comfortable to hold onto.
  • As people age, they are less likely to feel thirsty. As a result, they may need to be reminded to drink periodically.
  • Enjoy a beverage with them to add a social aspect.
  • Keep the restrooms open at all times and make sure that they are easy to find. People sometimes avoid drinking because they are afraid it will make them incontinent.
  • Try serving different beverages throughout the day to keep people from getting bored.
  • Provide alternatives to plain water. For instance, giving people a choice between regular water or sparkling water is often enough to encourage them to drink.
  • Choose decorative glasses or experiment with different “mocktail” recipes to add some fun to the equation.
  • Have drink tasting get-togethers. Serve a variety of different drinks and have people talk about their favorites.
  • Garnish cordials with fresh fruit to make them more exciting.
  • Try having a lot of different types of tea on hand. From traditional choices like Earl Grey or peppermint tea to more unique options like fruit tea, many seniors enjoy drinking tea.
  • Regularly brew fresh coffee in areas where people gather. Oftentimes, the smell of coffee brewing is enough to make people feel thirsty.
  • Add a splash of soda to cordials. A little bit of carbonation can make them more fun to drink.
  • Instead of always offering sweet drinks, consider offering some savory options, as well.
  • For supper, experiment with different types of smoothies or other beverages to get people more interested in drinking. These types of beverages also make a great bedtime snack.



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