Are Breast and Butt Enhancing Creams a Myth or Reality?

Unfortunately, we live in an era where Kardashians (or Jenners) are able to sell almost every beauty product to young girls and make it seem completely legit!

Remember that time when Kylie claimed her seductive lips are not a result of dermal fillers, but of her lip kit, a.k.a. “the magic of makeup”? And now the same Kylie Jenner is endorsing a breast and butt enhancing cream!

Do these creams really work?

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Currently, there are dozens of butt and breast enhancing creams and lotions on the market. However, they all have certain things in common.

All of these lotions and potions claim that the regular application of the product will enlarge your butt or breasts, smoothen and moisturize your skin, and reduce the cellulite. The manufacturers guarantee between 10 and 30% of butt and breast enlargement!

Also, butt and breast enhancing creams allegedly stimulate the production of fat cells and increase their capacity to store lipids. What they are actually talking about is localized fat production, which is equally possible as localized weight loss! That’s just not the way things work.

What are the Ingredients of Butt and Breast Enhancing Creams?

Depending on a manufacturer, there are several different ingredients that can be found in breast and butt enhancing creams. Coconut, almond, lavender, and grapeseed oil are only some of them.

These creams also contain vitamin E, Potassium Sorbate, aloe vera, glycerine, glutamate, shea butter, vegetable wax, etc.

Customer Testimonials

Keep in mind that sponsored content on Instagram is not a true testimonial from someone who is genuinely satisfied or dissatisfied with the product! Companies actually pay a substantial amount of money to influencers to endorse their products. Luckily, there are some Instagrammers who refuse to sell a product they are not personally satisfied with.

When it comes to butt and breast enhancing creams, many users claim they don’t work at all, while some say that these products helped them increase their curves. They do however admit that the cream or lotion weren’t the only thing they used.

One of the most effective butt enhancing methods are squats; a looooot of squats! And, if you want a Kardashian–like behind, hit the gym.

Another option is Brazilian butt lift. This surgical procedure is meant for those who cannot achieve their desired look with conventional techniques, such as dieting and exercising.

The Verdict

When it comes to localized weight gain or weight loss, every person who has ever been on a diet knows that this is just a myth! At least not for now. Butt enhancing creams and breast enhancing creams allegedly help you produce fat cell only on parts of your body where you’ve applied the product – your butt or breasts – and increase cells’ capacity to store lipids.

Some users even claim that these lotions work, but whether their newly obtained curves are a result of regular exercise or just a cream, it remains unclear for now. Until more thorough and conclusive research is conducted, that only thing proven to actually work for a more concrete behind – is to exercise!

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