5 Things You Should Know About Drug Addiction in Schools

Most people encounter drugs for the first time in schools. There are many reasons why drug addiction is so common in schools.

Through this study, you will understand some major facts about drug addiction in schools, the statistics, and measures that parents and teachers can take to prevent drug abuse. You will also learn more about ways to help addicts overcome drug addiction.

With proper guidance and counseling, it is possible for one to quit drugs altogether and remain sober for the rest of their lives.

Here are 5 Things you should know about drug addiction in schools.

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Drug use statistics

Statistics show that alcohol is the most abused drug. Alcohol abuse also ranks first as the leading drug abuse cause of deaths. Most students also do not observe traffic rules when drank. Almost ten percent of students drink and drive under the influence.

That is why the number of student drivers who cause accidents is ever rising. Marijuana is the second most abused drug followed by opioid painkillers and other prescription drugs.

Side effects

There are many side effects of drug addiction in schools. The main one is lower grades by the student. Slowed thinking, memory loss and depression are some of the other effects that drug addiction can have on students.

Drug addiction may also affect the physical development of the students. This is especially so for lower levels of education students.

Addiction treatment

The secret to getting over an addiction is commitment and determination to quit drugs. But early detection of drug abuse and with the right facility, drug addiction can be cured. Stigmatization of drug addiction is what makes some students fail to seek professional help.

Parents should encourage students who are addicted to drugs to seek professional help from some of the best addiction treatment centers.

Drug education

This should form important coursework at all levels of education. Students should understand the dangers of drug addiction and how to avoid them. Proper counseling in schools and guidance is a role that teachers should play to help students stay away from drugs.

Schools should have access to the appropriate resources to effectively teach drug abuse education. Their main focus should be on prevention and treatment.

Identifying drug addicts

Early detection of an addiction problem makes it possible to get a cure fast. The parents should play a major role in ensuring that their kids do not get addicted to drugs. Some of the main causes of drug addiction are the lack of good parenting skills and peer pressure. Teachers and parents should cooperate to fight drug addiction in schools. They should ensure that addicts get the proper care they deserve.

Some of the things to watch out for in identifying drug addicts include; withdrawal from various activities, drowsiness, and insomnia. Some people also become lazy and sleep a lot when using drugs. Parents should be keen to notice changes in behavior because this can be an indication that the child has started doing drugs.

The society including schools, parents and religious organizations should play a major role to prevent drug addiction among young people. These five things can help you to understand more about drug addiction in schools and what can be done.



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