Use ovulation kits to predict your peak fertility

During our early years of ‘Sexual Intercourse’ we are probably constantly trying to avoid getting pregnant. However, when the time comes to have a baby, no matter what we do, we simply cannot conceive.

Most of the time this is because we are not having sex at the optimum time, and this is where ovulation kits will be able to help you out.


For those that are unaware, ovulation occurs at some point during the menstrual cycle. It generally appears at the ‘half way’ stage, however, it does differ from woman to woman. It is during ovulation that an egg is released from the ovaries into the fallopian tube. The egg will only remain ‘alive’ for around 48 hours.

Sperm is able to live in the tubes for a few days. This therefore means that you are only really able to conceive for around six days of the month, which is why predicting when you are ovulating is key to conceiving. To increase the likelihood of conceiving, you will want to start having sex a couple of days before ovulation.

Regular cycles

However, the problem is, not everybody has a regular cycle. This means that online calendars and applications for phones don’t always work. This means that people will never truly know when they are ovulating.

This is where ‘ovulation kits’ can help you out. These kits are designed to tell you exactly when you are ovulating, or when you are approach ovulation. This means that you know when you are most fertile, and therefore can start to have a lot more intercourse leading up to this date. There are two different types of ‘ovulation predictor kits’ out there on the market.

Testing urine

The first of these kits tests your urine. This searches for something known as the luteinising hormone, and looks for an increase in the hormone. This occurs one or two days before ovulation. Whilst LH is always present in your urine and blood, it increases by up to five times in the days leading up to ovulation, and therefore it is a pretty good predictor. One of the best know is Clearblue Fertility Monitor.

Testing saliva

You will also be able to obtain Salivary Ferning Kits. This kit contains a microscope which you can use to analyse your saliva. When you are at your most fertile, the salt content of your saliva will increase. Therefore, once it is dry, you can use this kit to ‘inspect’.

Every kit is different, and therefore you need to make sure that you read the instructions of your testing kit fully before you use it, that way you can be sure you are reading the results properly.

Ovulation calendar

Ovulation Kits are expensive, and therefore not everybody will be able to afford them. Instead you may want to use a more ‘basic option’ of an ovulation calendar. These small computer programs will tell you the ‘optimum’ time for you to have intercourse.

However you do need to bear in mind that they are not as accurate as ovulation kits.

If you can predict your ovulation, then you have increased your chances of getting pregnant by an absolutely huge percentage, and thus for anybody looking to get pregnant, purchasing one of the many ovulation predictors is probably going to be one of the best decisions that you are going to make.

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