The Most Painful Insect Bites and How to Treat Them

Bug bites are never a pleasant thing, but when those bites become extremely painful, they can be downright scary. It can be easy to mix up different bug bites, so it’s important to learn what common bug bites look like especially to recognize which are potentially dangerous or harmful to you and your family.

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You might think that it’s unlikely for you and your family to receive a dangerous or painful bug bite at your home. That sort of thing seems more likely when you’re out camping or hiking. But it’s actually quite common at home as well.

The best pest control you can do is try to prevent them from coming into your home. but if they do come into your home you need to be ready to deal with them and their bites. So let’s take a look at some of the most painful insect bites and what to do when someone in your family is bitten.

4 Most Painful Insect Bites

1. Fire Ant

Fire ants typically live in the southern United States, so if you don’t live in the southern states it’s possible that you’ve never been around fire ants much and may not need to worry about fire ants much. But if you are ever visiting or ever move to the southern United States, you need to be ready to deal with fire ants.

There are a couple of things that make fire ant bites so painful. First of all, fire ants are venomous. Additionally, when a fire ants attacks, it first bites you to grab hold of your skin and then follows that up with a sting. As if that weren’t enough, fire ants also rarely attack individually. Most of the time, when fire ants attack people, it’s because the person has intentionally or accidentally threatened a fire ant colony. And when the colony is threatened, most of the ants in the colony will swarm. This means that you could easily have an entire colony of fire ants stinging and biting you at the same time.

After being bitten and stung by fire ants, it is likely you will need medical attention. You should anticipate having bites that will be painful for several days and develop small blisters at the centers. The best way to avoid bites from fire ants is to be extremely watchful when you’re outside so you don’t step on a colony. The ants can build their colony inside your home as well, so if you start to see fire ants inside your home, you’ll need to call the best pest control services you know of to get rid of them.

2. Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spiders are extremely shy spiders with long, angular legs and a distinctive violin shape on the abdomen. These spiders are also more common in the southern United States, however, they can be found throughout most of the United States. While most spiders you meet in the United States are venomous, only two of them are dangerous to humans and the brown recluse spider is one of them.

When a brown recluse spider bites you, it may initially be painless. It will just look like a small red mark on your skin. However, as the venom gets into your system, the bite will become more painful and swell up. There are various symptoms that can be caused by brown recluse bites, including nausea, severe pain, and necrosis around the bite. This is a bite you should seek medical attention for to minimize the negative symptoms.

3. Black Widow Spider

Most people are familiar with what a black widow spider looks like. With its black body and distinctive red hourglass on its abdomen, it is one of the easiest spiders to identify. It is also well-known as a very dangerous spider to humans. The bite of a black widow will be a small red mark with fang marks, but it can become larger and more open over time. Black widow venom attacks the nervous system of the body, so though the initial bite may be relatively painless, a black widow bite can cause nausea, vomiting, cramping, and more.

If you find a black widow spider in your home, be extremely cautious. Do not try to catch and release it or hit it. Instead, try to spray it with a pesticide so you don’t have to get close to it. You also want to call the best pest control in your town to check your home for any other black widows, and check particularly for their egg sacs.

4. Bed Bug

Bedbugs are increasingly common in the United States. Though their bites are not particularly dangerous, they can be especially painful if the bites get infected. Infection typically happens when a person scratches too much. It’s best to avoid scratching bed bug bites. Bed bug bites typically appear in groupings on the back or arms.

The best pest control for bed bugs is typically prevention because they’re not easy bugs to remove from your home. Check furniture, clothing, etc., before bringing them into your home to see if there are any bed bugs on them. Bed bugs are wingless, so they can enter your home by hitchhiking or crawling. If bed bugs do show up in your home, you want to ask professional pest control to do special treatments to have the bed bugs removed because they’re resistant to most pesticides.

The Best Pest Control Measures to Prevent Bites

The last thing you want in your home are pests that can harm you and your family. To have the best pest control results in your home you need to make sure to do things like keep your home as tight as possible, minimize things that will attract pests into your home, and used regular pest control treatments.

Combining professional pest control treatments with your own efforts will be the most effective way to keep your home and family safe from harmful bites.



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