Pharma-Free Treatments For Your Chronic Pain

Millions of people struggle with chronic pain every day. The psychological and physical hardships of dealing with constant discomfort take a toll on the body and the mind. There are plenty of ways to treat your pain, most often with prescription medications. Although these narcotic solutions may be effective, they can cause as many issues as they solve.

With so many people fighting not only varied side effects from their pain medications, but also addiction issues, you may be interested in non-pharmaceutical ways to deal with your chronic pain. There are options available to you that can help without the risks of strong pain medications.

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In the meantime, you still need to be able to function properly in your daily life. Getting back to work and taking care of your family are the best reasons to start treating your pain more naturally. Take a look at just a few of the things that you can try to help ease the pain that you are fighting every day.


You may be thinking that exercising is the last thing you want to do when you are in pain, but just a few minutes a day can really make a difference. When you have a lack of mobility due to chronic pain, it can result in the shortening and tightening of your muscles and tendons. This shrinking can actually cause you more discomfort.

Practicing mild exercises every day for at least 15 minutes can keep you more limber and less strained. You may want to try a beginner yoga class, take a short walk twice a day or get in the pool where you can get involved in some low impact exercises.

Natural Supplements

There are many things that come right from the earth that can help you to deal with your chronic pain. With fewer side effects and a low risk of addiction, natural supplements are becoming a popular treatment choice.

Sam-E, Glucosamine, and Boswellia are all supplements that can relieve the pain of a variety of arthritis issues. They target the inflammation in your joints and soft tissues to give you some relief from your pain.


Regular visits to your chiropractor can help you stay in better physical alignment and feeling better. Your chiropractor can focus on the issue of how your body is adjusted, give you deep tissue massage and relieve uncomfortable pressure on your sensitive nerves.

CBD Oils & Creams

The newest frontier of natural medicines is derived from the Cannabis plant. Legal in most states, CBD is the derivative of marijuana that helps to treat inflammation and chronic pain in many patients. CBD is a non-psychedelic compound that can be taken orally or topically in a cream format.


When you are in pain, you will do anything and try anything for a bit of relief. If you are looking for a more natural pharma-free alternative to deal with your chronic pain, try one of these suggestions and see what works best for you.


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