Living With A Disability: 5 Major Benefits Of Live-In Care

Accepting a disability is a challenge on its own, as every aspect of your daily life will change due to your new restrictions. Enduring a catastrophic injury due to another’s negligence makes accepting disability even more challenging. Many individuals in this situation are burdened with bitterness and feelings of angst towards the undeniable unfairness of it all.

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If your disability results from negligence, you should get from a catastrophic injury lawyer, as you will need to seek compensation for your experience. What’s more, your settlement should cover future costs, as you will have ongoing medical costs to manage your new healthcare needs while you will also be left unable to earn an income. An expert lawyer will help you calculate the settlement. Finally, one of your ongoing costs should be live-in care. If you are not yet decided if live-in care really can enhance your quality of life, we have listed five significant benefits for you to consider.

Receive Round-The-Clock Support

When living with a disability, you will have support needs at all hours of the day; you may have trouble getting to the bathroom in the middle of the night, especially during the early phase of your recovery. While there are tons of situations in which you will need support from a caregiver, the most effective way to ensure you are never left frustrated due to your restrictions is to opt for live-in care.

Relieve Strain On Family Members

Of course, your loved ones will want to help you as much as possible. And in many cases, the insistence on helping can put a strain on your family members while diminishing your own confidence, as disabled individuals often feel that they may be burdening the ones they love the most. Live-in care provides the perfect solution as your family members can rest assured that you are cared for, and all your needs are supported with round-the-clock care.

Assistance With Services Your Doctors Can’t Help You With

Live-in care will provide you with various services that doctors and physiotherapists simply can’t. These helpful services include dressing, feeding, grooming, cooking, transportation, incontinence care, bathing, homemaking, mobility, and others. These services will heighten your quality of life.

You Don’t Have To Live With Your Family

If you were previously living on your own before the catastrophic injury, having to move back in with your family as an adult can diminish your self-confidence and sense of control over your own life. Another perk of live-in care is that you won’t have to move back in with your family as your carer will support your needs.

Live-In Care Is Affordable

Live-in care may seem like a high extra cost, although it is the more affordable alternative to care facilities for disabled individuals and aging seniors. You can also shop around and compare services as live-in care companies are ample in most regions worldwide. Your carer will help you overcome daily struggles and transform your life while ensuring you can live well with a disability.


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