How To Lose Weight Naturally? Lifestyle Changes That Make A Difference

We have often been fed the lucrative marketing propaganda that laxative teas or diet pills that influencers endorse are what it takes to lose weight.

However, there is a huge difference between losing weight fast and losing it sustainably. The best way to lose weight is to identify the lifestyle irregularities that are not consistent with ideal healthy living.

These lifestyle changes are a more natural, healthy way of losing way and keeping it off.

Go to bed early

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Lack of sleep is a critical aspect that is often overlooked in weight loss programs. A good night’s rest helps curb cravings and ensures the body functions the way it is supposed to. Restless nights and short sleep duration can lead to an increase of the hunger hormone (ghrelin) and the decrease of the satiety hormone (leptin), directing you to feel hungrier.

Many times, our sleeping environment is the leading cause of restless sleep. Therefore, it is important to take time to evaluate and invest in bedding that can soothe your anxious mind. For example, the adjustable bed frame from Dreamcloud comes with built-in massagers to help you relax at night. These products are specifically designed to help you fall asleep faster and wake up well-rested and ready to go.

Drink Water

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Adults are often confused about water intake based on many studies of varying results out there. However, one cannot deny the benefits of drinking water for your body. People often see their skin, hair, and health begin to improve with consistent, regular intake of water. It is also true that it helps people shed weight faster. In a study conducted among overweight women, it was found that those who drank over 1 liter of water lost more weight than the women who did not. [1]

While drinking water is sufficiently easy to do, our busy lives may prevent us from remembering to do so. Fortunately, we live in a world where there is an app for everything. Setting frequent reminders on apps designed to help you increase your water intake is a great way to get started.

Being active is not just one hour in the gym

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You might have heard the terrifying phrase ‘Sitting is the new smoking’ lately. Our lives are becoming more and more shackled to a chair with work, studying or even chilling. The risk of obesity and related diseases increase as we spend up to 8 hours sitting. More studies on the subject are needed but one thing is clear, sitting too long can have a negative impact on your weight and your health.

While you can’t possibly give up your job, you can take certain steps to counter the harmful effects of too much sitting. Taking a short walk break every 30 minutes is a great way to build up your activity levels.

You can also try standing and working with an elevated table. Taking the time to stretch out the stiffness and knots in your body can also help. Find a quiet space with a large area rug and do a few Surya Namaskaras to activate the body. [2]

Eat more fruits and veggies

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You might still remember your mother asking you to finish up those veggies as you force them down with a scowl. Her words still hold true. It is important to consume a portion of fruits and vegetables every day. They are full of water, fiber, and nutrients and play an important role in your weight loss goals. Jared Koch, certified health coach and nutritionist says, “Add fibrous vegetables to every meal and snack. It adds more nutrients, and it keeps you fuller, so you eat less.”

Some great fruits and vegetables to add to your diet are leafy greens like kale, collards and spinach, Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts, boiled potatoes, beans and legumes. [3] Fruits like grapefruit, passion fruit, kiwi, apples, berries, oranges and bananas are also great addition from the fruit family.

Beat the stress

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Our lives have become increasingly plagued by stress in recent years. With a 9 or 10-hour work day, bills that continually pile up, relationships that don’t get enough time and the inability to find rest, it’s no wonder life seems to be getting harder by the day. Stress takes a lot out of our body, including its ability to repair optimally. A lot of importance is being given to mental health, but the healing starts from accepting the problem and finding the time to deal with it.

A good way to go about it is to find ten minutes in the day to meditate and let your mind become completely free. As you get into the habit, increase the time every day to let yourself be one with the energy. Similarly, you can inculcate practices like feng shui, where you help balance out the energy at home. You can also use weighted blankets to help your bubbling anxiety. These weighted blankets have worked wonders for people finding it difficult to overcome stressors in their life.

Weight loss fads and products have made big money out of vulnerable people for far too long. However, a complete lifestyle change is the only way to actually see long-term results. Expert nutritionists and trainers often prescribe a lifestyle change to incorporate holistic nutritional elements, physical activity and mental health composure.


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