Diabetic Socks 101: All You Need To Know

It is crucial to know that ordinary socks may have a negative effect on people with diabetes.

They offer a high-compression, which will cause pain and irritations. Diabetic socks are completely opposite. They offer low or no compression and they are specially designed in order to prevent pain and skin irritations in people with diabetes.

diabetic socks for men and women
Diabetic socks for men and women; image source: drhopkin.com

These socks are recommended by therapists, doctors, and experts.

Should you and why to use diabetic socks?

The first answer is yes, if you have diabetes, you should definitely use diabetic socks. They are useful in preventing blisters, skin irritations and abrasive damages, but they also help you with the thermoregulation. Due to the fact people with diabetes has common issues with their feet, these socks are probably the best solution.

Diabetic socks (for men and women) should be combined with diabetic shoes in order to maximize the effect, but this isn’t mandatory.

Besides the aforementioned benefit, these socks will help you warm-up your feet during the winter and keep them cool during the warmer months. If this is something you like, let’s say something about the additional cushioning. Diabetic socks have smaller cushions on the heel and toes, so they are more comfortable than ordinary socks. As the end result, they will reduce the stress your feet must withstand and reduce pain as well.

Note: Standard socks are made from cotton (100%), but diabetic socks are made from merino wool, spandex, stretch nylon and bamboo. This can help you make a difference between these two types.

Finding and getting proper diabetic socks

When comes to choosing these socks, a situation may be complicated. For example, if you don’t have neuropathy, you should get the ones that are the most comfortable for you. However, if you experience symptoms of neuropathy (one of them is a loss of sensation in the feet) your choice will be more complicated.

If the mentioned issue is persistent, you will have to get socks that will fit perfectly but still offer you a lot of freedom to your feet. It is important to choose these ones, in order to prevent them from rubbing the skin and causing irritations.

Individuals who have poor circulation must think even further. They will need diabetic socks that don’t have an elastic layer on the top. Of course, they must provide maximum freedom for the feet and they shouldn’t press any area on the foot. It is highly recommended to get one that offers this and the previous feature!

How much do diabetic socks cost?

Comparing the effectiveness and the price of diabetic socks will always come to the same conclusion. You will buy them. Models usually cost between $15 and $30, but there are more affordable models. Keep in mind that the price doesn’t have an important role here. Features of these socks are more important than their price and other factors.

Our Picks

1. Physician’s Choice Diabetic Crew Socks
These socks are highly recommended by experts across the planet, so they are extremely popular nowadays. The best fact about them is the material and the features. They are made from all the materials we mentioned at the beginning and they are perfect for people with poor circulation. Yes, they don’t have an elastic layer at the top.
Find them here Physician’s Choice Diabetic Over The Calf Length Crew Socks – 12 Pair 10-13 White

2. Falari® Diabetic Socks Ankle Unisex
The Falari Diabetic Socks are the newest product of this type. They are specially made for people with neuropathy, diabetes, and other foot issues. The best part is that they offer a high level of comfort, they are washing machine washable and they are affordable. In addition, this model is also recommended by doctors and therapists from all parts of the globe.
Find them here Falari Diabetic Socks Ankle Men Unisex Size 13-15 Black 12 Pairs

3. TeeHee Diabetes Bamboo Crew Socks

This model offers an upgraded cushioning system, so they are a bit more comfortable than other models on the market. In addition, they are also more affordable. A next thing you should know is that the manufacturer didn’t use cotton, so this is one of those diabetic socks made entirely from spandex, bamboo, and stretch nylon. Choosing between different colors and variations is definitely a useful addition.
Find them here TeeHee Diabetes Bamboo Crew Socks 3-Pack, Made in USA, Black, Medium Size

Each of these socks will be a perfect solution. There are not a single reason why you shouldn’t use them!


  1. I have been type 2 diabetics for more than 25 years and have benefited from the contribution of a variety of diabetic shoes by various organizations. My main fear has been injuries to the feet which can cause ulcers and possible amputation plus and including ailments in the kidneys, eyes, heart, brain etc. This article on the choice of diabetic socks is an interesting read for it is educative and informative while looking at the remedy of this slow and painful disease.


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