Common Surgical Mistakes: How To Tell If Your Surgery Was Botched

Going for surgery can be scary, and no one knows 100% for sure if the surgery will go as planned; just like life, anything can happen, and even a professional can make mistakes that lead to a botched surgery. Medical malpractice defined in detail outlines all the instances in which you can claim compensation for botched surgeries and other malpractice cases.

We have listed the more common surgical mistakes to help you determine if your surgery was botched.

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Leaving Surgical Tools Behind

Even though you went to the best surgeon that you could afford, a doctor can make the prevalent mistake of leaving tools or bandages inside you and stitching you back up. This is a common mistake that can be fatal. Any sponges or devices left behind can cause infections. These internal bleeding blockages can be deadly, and because of the anaesthetics and pain medication, you might not feel it as when you wake up, and sometimes, even by the time you left the hospital might still be unaware.

In some cases, foreign objects have even been found years after the surgery. However, if you are experiencing any pain following your recovery period, you should have an x-ray done to determine if a foreign object was left behind.

Wrong Organ Or Body Part

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Many cases were operations, or in some cases, amputating an arm or leg or removing an organ that was not meant to be removed can leave anyone furious and in a terrible mental state. Immediately after being woken up, you would be able to know if an arm or leg that was meant to be removed is still there and a body part that was fine is missing. But in the case of organs, it can be completely different. Suppose you were meant to go for kidney surgery, but the surgeons operated on your heart. In that case, the problems will remain, so, in this case, it is critical to get lawyers involved if you feel the same way you went for surgery is still the same way you feel after surgery as this could be fatal if it involved internal and organ operations.

Scaring Or Cutting of Other Organs Or Body Parts

Skin scaring might not be fatal, but it can cause damage to your body and emotional state; surgeons can cut or injure another body part either by accident or by operating in the wrong position. This can also be fatal if a doctor cuts your heart or other organs. For example, you could bleed to death. Still, if you come out of surgery and find scars on your body that aren’t where they should be, this was probably from the surgeon cutting you by accident. As surgical knives are incredibly sharp, it’s easy to cut through skin and leave a deep scar. And if a doctor cuts an internal organ, you and the doctor can miss this, and the symptoms could only show when the patient is awake or, in some cases, has extreme internal bleeding.

In the event of a botched medical mishap, you might not see the symptoms immediately, even in cases of plastic surgery. It could take years to appear. It can be fatal; always make sure that directly after you get surgery to get a second opinion from your surgeon and request an x-ray if you suspect any problems, and if a mistake happened, it’s best to get the help of the law.


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