6 surprising ways cork can improve your life

Don’t you find it amazing how natural products enhance the quality of our lives? Cork is no exception!

If you’re able to implement this versatile material into your life, you will begin to see how it can improve your life in several ways. Here are some of them.

Corks; image source: blacksburgforkandcork.com

Comparing cork to other bottle stoppers

When most of us think of cork, the first item that comes to mind is a bottle stopper. Wine bottles usually have cork stoppers in them to seal the contents inside. There are several reasons why cork is predominantly used instead of other materials.

  • Cork helps wine, beer and spirits maintain their texture. Although you don’t often see beer or spirit bottles stopped with cork, you can be sure that during their fermentation processes, cork was used to seal the barrels of those products.
  • In its natural form cork will not absorb liquid or taint the contents of a bottle. On the rare occasion, wine may react with the cork and spoil, but such cases are few and far between.
  • Wine and certain types of spirits will have their fragrances enhanced when cork is used as the bottle stopper.


There’s no doubt that cork is a superior stopper material when compared to metal, plastic and rubber. The short reason for this is because cork is natural, and it’s a natural preserver. Wine connoisseurs can quickly tell the difference between wine from a corked bottle and wine from a screw-top bottle.

Cork contains antioxidants

You may already know that wine is a natural antioxidant. What you probably didn’t realize is that cork contains its own antioxidant properties which are transferred into the wine it’s holding.

In addition to sealing a bottle, cork will add healthy antioxidants which protect your internal organs from free radicals; which promotes blood vessel health and prevents cancer.

Cork soles have multiple benefits for your feet

Many shoe manufacturers have moved away from producing footwear with cork soles. However, those who still maintain this practice are doing their customers a massive favor.

Cork is a soft, almost rubbery material that cushions your feet, protecting you as you walk & stand. Furthermore, if worn enough times your feet will leave an imprint on the cork soles of your shoes and adopt the shape of your feet (not unlike memory foam) to provide you with maximum comfort.

It’s not only about comfort though. Shoes with cork soles also promote healthy feet, strong ankles, and a healthy posture. Yes, having cork soles will ultimately benefit your spine and skeletal structure. Healthy posture has multiple benefits such as the enhancement of your mood, your memory, and even your confidence!

Cork flooring is ALSO excellent for your posture

Cork flooring as an industry has expanded a lot over the years. Today you can buy cork floor panels or even cork floor tiles. There are hundreds of different styles, colors, and texture characteristics to choose from. But why install cork flooring?

In the same way, cork soles give you the right amount of cushioning for your feet, cork floors provide a comfortable surface that’s easy on your feet, legs and spine.

Since you’re not limited to styles and shapes, why not place this water-resistant flooring all over your house?

The anti-carcinogenic properties of cork

The University of Porto conducted a study on cork and discovered that it contains anti-carcinogenic properties. Simply put, cork fights off cancer cells in your body and promotes general health in a natural way. No wonder cork is being used as an insulation material in homes across the world!

Cork is sustainable and 100% recyclable

Long before people realized the importance of preserving the environment, cork was a sustainable product. Contrary to what some think, you do not have to cut down any trees to obtain cork.

Cork is derived from the bark of trees, and this can be removed without damaging the tree itself. Cutting cork from trees actually promotes the growth & health of those trees. Furthermore, the bark will eventually grow back, making cork a sustainable material that can be harvested repeatedly without impacting the environment negatively.

The residue derived from cutting and processing cork is now being used to fuel the machines that do the cutting and processing. 90% of the energy needed to cut and process cork comes from burning the cork dust as a sustainable energy source. This means that over 99% of the cork is used up in an environmentally friendly way.


Put cork in your house, your shoes and use it in your wine bottles. There are so many ways this natural resource can benefit your life individually, as well as all of us collectively. What an amazing product!

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