5 Ways To Push Your Health To Maximum Level In The New Year

Please note: the use of cannabis for medial or recreational purposes may be illegal in your country. Healthiack.com does not encourage the use of this substance.

In the upcoming stages of the New Year, many people get excited for the change that’s about to happen in their lives. In November, they’re ramping up and eating cakes and drinking sodas with the promise that the New Year will be the difference maker. Millions of Americans make a promise to do better every year because they need to lose weight, quit smoking, change their diet, or they need an overhaul on their health and wellness.

However, only eight percent of these people complete their New Year resolutions and keep the promise they make to themselves. Sadly, 90% of those people have already stopped their New Year resolution by the middle of January and the remainder of them doesn’t make it through February.

New Year resolutions are hard. Granted, it doesn’t take a genius to know that we need to be healthier and, if you are someone who is considering different ways to maximize your health this new year our experts have discovered five ways that you can do so.

#1 – Watch Your Food Intake

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In any health and wellness regimen, the food we eat must be considered. As with many New Year resolutions, most people proclaim that they need to lose weight. In proclaiming this fact, they immediately change their diet. Sadly, most of these people don’t stick with it because they’re either cutting out carbs, cutting out fats, or cutting out some crucial element of their food that their body needs to thrive.

Your food intake is important because it is the fuel your body needs to survive. When you give your body the right types of food, it will give you back something amazing. Your body needs a certain amount of good carbs, good fats, and good sugars to create that amazing figure that you have always wanted, not to mention build your health level up. However, when you cut out a portion of something your body needs, it doesn’t operate on the level that it should.

When you understand this, you begin to realize that your body does need these things. It’s simple, stay away from processed foods, high sugar content, sodas and provide your body with a way that it can perform optimally. Allow your body to consume leafy greens, legumes, nuts, fruits, and lean proteins like salmon to get the most out of your diet. Remember, you don’t need to cut the good things out of your diet.

#2 – Be Positive

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“Whatever a man thinks, so is he” is a quote that you should always consider. Your mind is the general of your body and when you are thinking negatively, your body will follow in kind. When you think in terms of health and wellness, you should always consider the mind along with the rest of your body. It may be difficult at first, however, you need to train your mind to stay positive. Thinking positively has been known to relieve stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and even boost your immune system.

Positivity begins with self-driven talk that can motivate your mind. This in turn helps your body to operate at the level you have always wanted. Those thoughts in your head that you would never say out loud, those are the thoughts that you need to get control over. Scientists have discovered that consistent positive thinking has been known to lengthen a life span, decrease depression, and improve your cardiovascular health. Your mind has more to do with your health and wellness than you know, so make sure you are giving your mind, your soul, the opportunity to be healthy along with the rest of your body.

#3 – Include CBD Oil

CBD oil; image source: medicalnewstoday.com

On the heels of the Farm Bill of 2018, CBD oil has been one of the most popular compounds in America since. Many people are discovering the true power of the hemp plant and all of the ingredients that are involved in this botanical. There are hundreds of cannabinoids found in this plant, all of which have some power over your health and wellness, including mental health and wellness as well.

The hemp plant is cultivated and distilled and farmers produce a finalized product called CBD oil which includes all of these great cannabinoids. CBD, one of the most predominant cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, is all the rage for health and wellness today because of the limitless potential it brings your health. Organic CBD oils have been known to alleviate stress and anxiety, improve cognitive function, decrease depression, help alleviate pain, and much more.

There is a plethora of goodness found within CBD oil that you can use to your benefit and people who want to elaborate on their health and wellness are discovering the potential of this plant.

#4 – Include Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care; image source: cssctr.com

When one considers all of the options they have when it comes to health and wellness, usually the chiropractor doesn’t come to mind first. However, utilizing the benefits of chiropractic care can prove very beneficial to your overall balance and homeostasis the body needs to have to stay centered.

If the brain is the general of the body, then the spine is the Master Sergeant, barking commands and communicating with the major organs of the body. Millions of nerves travel up and down the spine highway and when the spine becomes out of alignment, it can create a miscommunication within the body that you begin to feel. These subluxations that can occur can create a lot of tension and havoc within your body. Chiropractic care can help with many different forms of ailments, along with autoimmune disease that can also be a problem later on in life, and can adjust your body to the point of balance again.

Include chiropractic care in your routine at least once every month to ensure your body stays aligned and straight, allowing the spine to communicate with these important systems. Plus, you will feel so much better when you are aligned again.

#5 – Make a List

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One of the flaws of people who are trying to complete a New Year resolution is that they don’t keep track of their progress and failures. Making a list is very important to your health as it will allow you to see every inch of progress which will enable you to keep going.

Understand what your routine is and write it down. This list will help you keep track of what you eat, when you need to sleep, and it promotes a healthy lifestyle change that gets you out of that old rut.

Persistence is Key

Many people proclaim that they are going to change in the New Year. However, since only eight percent actually do what they say they’re going to do, that means a lot of people are going to quit.

They quit because they do not have the right consistency and persistence. If you are going to change in the New Year, it’s not going to be with the perfect herbal remedy, it’s going to be because you were determined to stick with it and maximize your health in this new year.


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