Managing Generalized Anxiety Disorder: The Best Commercial and Natural Treatments

To an extent, some anxiety is considered to be a normal part of life. There are various situations where you feel a certain amount of uncertainty and unease. In many cases, we feel stressed in situations like giving a presentation, meeting new people, or even taking a test, and this kind of anxiety is often good for you.

Being aware of the consequences or potential dangers encourages preparation and action. However, many people experience anxiety a lot more frequently and almost every day.

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More frequent anxiety disorders like phobias, panic disorders, or generalized anxiety disorder can disrupt a person’s everyday life, including their work, social, and life at home. Dealing with anxiety can be a struggle; however, some treatments help many people; some prefer natural remedies, therapy like Ketamine infusion therapy, while others find relief with commercial medication.


Recently, over the years, hemp-derived CBD oil has become very popular as a treatment for anxiety. Unlike marijuana-derived CBD, which has tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) causing a high, hemp plants have little to no (THC), making hemp-derived CBD oil the better option.

According to research and studies, ailments treated by CBD include anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, and pain. As an anxiety treatment alternative, CBD comes in various products like CBD chocolate and candies, CBD gummies, CBD liquid drops, and CBD topicals like lotions and cream.

Natural Remedies

Natural treatments for anxiety are those that don’t involve getting medication from a health professional or doctor, such as aromatherapy, herbs, and physical activities that promote calmness or relaxation.

Together with conventional methods of treating anxiety, many people exercise natural remedies like meditation, herbal remedies, and physical exercise to prevent attacks.


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Exercise is only perceived as a physical health benefit by many; however, exercising improves and has many mental health benefits. To better understand mental health benefits from exercise, studies prove anxiety symptoms are drastically alleviated by exercise. While exercising is good for your physical health, the activity takes your mind off things that may be bothering you. When exercising, your body naturally releases feel-good hormones known as endorphins, which keep you in a positive state of mind.

Herbal Remedies

Most remedies focused on treating anxiety help individuals feel calmer and relaxed. Several herbal treatments and supplements counter anxiety symptoms, such as kava, passionfruit, chamomile, lemon balm, and lavender, to mention a few well-known herbs.

Generalized anxiety disorder symptoms are best treated by chamomile, as shown in many herbal supplement studies for anxiety, while many people find herbal tea the best remedy for relaxation.


The key focus of meditation is the practice of mindfulness, ideally replacing toxic thoughts with positive and calming reviews. While relieving anxiety symptoms, practicing meditation helps you feel more at ease. While meditating, focus on your breathing, making sure that you take deep, measured breaths.

Anxiety and potential panic attacks can be treated by focusing on regular breathing restoration. Incorrect breathing, like taking shallow and rapid breaths in a stressful situation, can provoke anxiety symptoms and a panic attack.


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