3 Spa Treatments For Better Health

People who regularly practice self-care spend 26% less on hospital bills and 19% less on physicians bills, highlighting the connection between mental and physical health.

Chronic stress can lead to  elevated blood pressure, increased heart rate and a weakened immune system. Stress also impacts decision making and lifestyle choices in ways that can be detrimental to your health, such as skipping doctors visits due to anxiety or overeating for emotional relief.

Committing to acts of self-care is vital for managing stress, but it may be difficult to take the first steps towards slowing down and paying attention to your own needs. Visiting a spa that offers stress-reducing treatments can provide the break you need in your routine to refocus on your mental health and well-being.

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Healing Your Body And Mind With Massage

The body’s physiological response to stress causes muscles to become tight and tense, which can be uncomfortable and contribute to chronic pain conditions. Pain can also be a source of stress, and alleviating physical discomfort with a massage can make it easier to function throughout the day and get the rest you need at night. Massage therapy helps the muscles relax, reduces inflammation and promotes better circulation.

Different methods of massage focus on different aspects of healing. A lymphatic drainage massage moves lymph fluid and waste away from tissues in the body to minimize swelling and pain. A deep tissue massage helps remove tension from muscles, and can help heal soreness from an injury. Reflexology involves applying pressure to points on the feet and hands to stimulate better energy flow throughout the body. Gentle touch is also shown to minimize anxiety by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, lowering cortisol levels and activating reward centers in the brain.

Facials For Improving Your Skin And Your Confidence

A poor perception of your own physical appearance can hold you back and contribute to daily stress and anxiety. When you lack confidence, it’s difficult to cope with challenging situations or to seek social support. According to the professionals at Viva Day Spa, a facial  will help you feel confident that you’re putting your best face forward, and remind you that you’re worthy of being pampered.

If you have a skin condition that leaves you feeling self-conscious, a professional facial can address key areas of concern and give your skin a healthier glow. Microneedling is one of the most effective treatments for removing acne scars, and organic facial peel can reduce the appearance of wrinkles for more youthful skin. Discuss your concerns with your aesthetician to determine the best course of treatment.

Steam Rooms And Saunas For Better Circulation And Lower Stress

Steam rooms and saunas have been used for centuries and across different cultures to help people relax. As your body temperature increases, blood vessels dilate, increasing blood flow to the skin and reducing muscle tension. Saunas have also been shown to lower the risk of stress-related health conditions like cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and Alzheimers.

Managing chronic stress is a crucial component for a holistic approach to better health. Booking a spa visit can be an empowering decision that perpetuates future acts of self-care. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious and fatigued, taking a break and focusing on your needs can help you recharge and prevent illness.



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