Hemp: The Many Uses of The World’s Oldest Cultivated Crop

The hemp plant has been cultivated since 8000 BC. Initially, the plant was cultivated majorly for industrial purposes. Its other uses have since then been established. This is what this article aspires to bring out. The article will also shed light on the notion of not taking the CBD oil along with some drugs.

What strikes the most with the uses of the hemp plant is with the Hemp oil. This is what is commonly referred to as the CBD oil. You might be wondering about what drugs should not be taken with CBD. The truth is, CBD on its own does not pose any threat when taken with other drugs.

Instead, what this drug does it to temporarily stop the operations of P450 enzymes in the body when taken in large quantities. P450 enzymes are a collection of enzymes in the liver that is responsible for the metabolism of more than 60% of the drugs we take.

CBD oil; image source: medicalnewstoday.com

When the operation of these enzymes is stopped, the result is a delay in the time it will take for drugs to be processed in the body. You thus need to only talk with your physician on the possible reduction of the doses of other drugs to take while taking CBD oil.

Let’s now dive right to the uses of this plant in overall.

Uses of CBD oil

Management of anxiety

Studies have linked hemp oil to the reduction of anxiety. It works both in human beings and in pets. How it brings about this is by regulating the action of the part of the brain that elicits the responses of flight or fight. The result is a calmer individual.

Treatment of epilepsy

It has long been established that CBD oil cure epilepsy. It reduces seizures dramatically. Research has established that adding just a few drops of this oil to the medications for epilepsy yields results. It has more than 50% efficiency in the reduction of seizures among epileptic patients.

Management of pain

It has been found out that hemp oil is an effective painkiller. Even though hemp oil alone can give results, mixing it with a little THC produces even better results. It can be applied topically or ingested.

Management of Alzheimer’s disease

In 2014, a study was conducted on the possible influence of hemp oil in prevention of recognition deficit. This is the case among those who have Alzheimer’s disease.  The study was conducted on mice.

The findings were positive that hemp oil could reduce the condition. This could be true if replicated in humans. However, it would be a good idea to validate the findings.

Hemp oil is an antioxidant

Free radicals in your body have a negative implication on your health. One such implication is the early onset of aging. Luckily, there are some ways to manage that. One such way is the use of hemp oil to clear these free radicals. Taking a few drops of such oil has been established to bring incredible results.

Hemp oil and inflammations

Many studies have arrived at one consensus when it comes to hemp oil. Whereas fewer studies have revealed the uses above, with the management of inflammations, it has been accepted widely. This makes hemp oil one of the most sought-after treatments for arthritis in your pet.

Other uses of hemp plant include

A viable alternative for plastics

Away from the many remedies that hemp plant provides from its oil, the plant can also be used in place of plastics.

The typical plastic that we all know is manufactured from fossil fuel. It is toxic in most cases. The hemp plant provides a solution by providing a closer alternative for this fossil plastic.

It all started in 1942 when an individual by the name Henry Fold showed some part of the car body that was made from the hemp plant. Today, there are many plastic products made from this plant.

Hemp oil as fuel

Before the introduction of petroleum, hemp oil was used as fuel in lamps. Even today, this oil is beneficial for manufacturing of biofuels that can be used in place of gasoline. It is efficient in the preservation of the environment as it generates less carbon monoxide.

Manufacture of textiles

Hemp plant can be used to make some fabrics. These are even better than cotton, but they look alike. It last longer. In fact, the first denim jeans, the national flag of America and other ancient fabrics were first made using the hemp plant.

It is also efficient for making ropes. It even makes ropes that are stronger and resistant to adverse weather.

Making paper

Hemp plant can be the best material for making paper. This was embraced years back. The outcome was a more quality paper; one that does not turn yellow nor become brittle with time. Turning to hemp for paper making could be a glamorous idea. It grows and matures in months as compared with trees which take years.


Undoubtedly, hemp is one of the oldest beneficial crops. It offers a vast number of versatile uses. In the medical field, it can be used for treatments of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, and epilepsy. The plant can also be used to manage pain, anxiety and clear free radicals in the body.

While using CBD oil as a drug, you need to talk with your physician to get advice on the medications to reduce. This is because hemp oil temporarily stops the operations of P450 enzymes in the body when taken in large quantities. The result of this is a delay in the time it will take for other drugs to be processed in the body. Otherwise, no complications are resulting from the use of CBD oil with other drugs.

Away from the wonderful medicinal use, the hemp plant also has a whole new line of uses. It can be used as a fuel. As well, it can be used to manufacture paper, plastics and makes quality textile materials.



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