Cannabis Moon Rocks – What are they?

Please note: the use of Marijuana for medical or recreational purposes may be illegal in your country.

Cannabis moon rocks are becoming highly popular with the passage of time. However, a lot of people ask what is moon rock? These are also termed as cannabis caviar. It is composed of distinct products of pot and are thereafter, rolled into one nug. It can then be smoked.

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It has become very popular now. This is right after Kurupt brought it into the limelight. This article will take you through over different aspects of cannabis moon rocks.

How are these made?

This product is made by dipping cannabis nugget into hash oil. It is made of cookies. However, it can then be made of different strains. Once the nugget is coated, it is then rolled in Kief.

Depending on the batch, cannabis moon rocks can be very strong. However, it depends how the moon rock is made and who is the person making it. It also depends on the ingredients which are used for cannabis moon rocks.

How are these consumed?

There are different ways in which cannabis moon rocks can be consumed. It can be smoked like any other nug. You can break it into a joint, pipe, vape or a bowl. Given then these are really dense and greasy, it is difficult to keep it lit. This is why a lot of people prefer pipe or bong for it.

Are there any effects?

This is the most common question asked by the individuals. It is good to know about the effects of cannabis moon rock before consuming it. All individuals who have engaged in consuming this have said it as a pleasant experience.

It produces a high feeling for the user. The effects are much more pronounced. The effects of cannabis moon rocks include dizziness, anxiety, increasing heart rate, sleepiness, impaired memory, cough and dry red eyes. These are just few effects. Depending on the individuals, the effects may vary.

What are the risks?

There are some risks associated with consumption of cannabis moon rocks. High levels of THC consumption can also result into harmful and unwanted reactions. This is especially the case if you are consuming cannabis for the very first time. Excessive consumption can also result into abnormal increase in heart rate. There has been situations where excessive consumption have also resulted into deaths.

Safety tips

There are certain safety tips that you must follow in order to safely consume moon rocks. Once you have had the moon rocks, you should hydrate yourself as much as possible. This is to avoid dryness within your body which is a common occurrence.

When you start consuming, make sure that you go slow. Do not begin with heavy consumption. This will help you in minimizing the effects of cannabis moon rocks. Wait for several minutes before consuming the next round or inhaling for the next time. This is one of the ways in which you can reduce the impacts that cannabis moon rocks can effectively have on your. So be safe while consuming.


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