Yoga for Weight Loss [Infographics]

There’s a host of reasons why anyone could be overweight. There could be a health problem like a hormone imbalance.

They could have had a long winter where they happily indulged in soups, warm breads, and plenty of holiday desserts. Perhaps they’ve been laid up with an injury and moving their body hasn’t been possible.

Whatever the reason is, there’s always a root cause of why there’s a bit of extra padding.

Yoga For Weight Loss Infographics

yoga for weight loss

In a society where the symptoms of an illness instead of the cause are treated by healthcare professionals, it’s no wonder why healthcare has become a business.

Being overweight doesn’t mean someone is unhealthy. In fact, the Body Mass Index may be inaccurate for some people, so if the doctor tells someone they’re unhealthy because they don’t weigh what a chart thinks they should weigh, that person needs to take their idea of healthy into account.

If someone does feel unhealthy because of their weight, though, it’s important to find the cause and not just treat the symptoms (sore joints, exhaustion, bad skin, etc). Luckily for everyone, yoga is a panacea of sorts: not only does it treat the symptoms of extra weight, it resolves the underlying reason.

How can it do both? Yoga is effective at transforming bodies from the inside out. Not only does it create more muscles, less fat, and significantly more strength than someone started out with, other aspects of the body change, too.

Yoga and its ever-important breathing helps improve the digestion system by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing the amount of cortisol released when someone is stressed, and creates a sense of calm and relaxation so the body’s many systems can effectively do their job.  

There aren’t many lifestyles where one simple practice of physical postures has such a profound effect on both the physical and emotional self.  When a healthier inside is combined with a fitter outside, there is going to be sustainable success in any weight loss journey.

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To sum up all the benefits yoga has to offer for your weight loss journey, our friends over at put together this infographic.
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