What Equipment Do I Need for Yoga?

You need a flat surface and enough time to yourself. Just like working out, doing karate, and dieting, there are no pieces of equipment that are “Needed.” However, there are certain things you can use to make the process easier.

If you are just starting out with yoga, then consider the following.

Yoga at home; image source: pexels.com

You Need a Quiet Place

Some say you need a quiet place in order to fully appreciate the serenity of your movements and poses, which is fair enough. But, if you have a bit of a timid streak, your best reason to find a quiet place is so you do not look foolish or look like you are trying to show off. Even if you are a world-class expert at yoga, any feelings of insecurity are going to spoil your experience.

Doing yoga should be a deeply personal experience and having a personal experience can be difficult if you are in a chaotic environment or feel like you are on display like the last Christmas turkey in the shop.

You Need Free-Moving Clothes

Do not be mistaken, free-moving doesn’t mean you cannot put on your skin-tight Lycra. In fact, some people feel more in control of their body when they are kitted out in skin-tight Lycra. Nor does it mean you have to wear long flowing clothes like you are starting a belly-dancing class. Your aim is to wear clothes that do not hinder your movement.

If you want to know if your clothes are free-moving, then ask yourself, “Could I easily mount a horse in these clothes?” If the answer is no, then pick something else to wear.

You Need a Yoga Bolster

Don’t own a crane if you do not know how to use it, and do not own a Yoga Bolster if you are not going to look up how it works. In short, a Yoga Bolster helps you to move parts of your body into certain positions, which enables you to do certain poses and movements without having to strain. Do not buy one on a whim.

Check out a few guides on how to use Yoga Bolsters, and then make a decision as to if you want one. Also, if you have found yourself having to utilise sofa cushions in order to do your yoga poses, then perhaps you need a Yoga Bolster more than you think.

You Need a Yoga Mat

This comes under the category of being something you do not need, but it can make the yoga process a little easier. You can use a bit of common sense and do your yoga in the right place.

For example, doing it on a thick carpet or on springy grass rather than on the concrete drive. Nevertheless, if you are investing in doing yoga, and you are considering doing yoga on holiday or as you travel, then a yoga mat is a good idea.

Do a little research on the specifications of your yoga mat, because if you are taking it seriously, then you will need to think about buying one that is Eco friendly, the right length, thickness, and texture.



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