5 Things You Can Easily Do to Achieve and Sustain Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss sounds like a paradox. Many of us are quite sure that the best ways to lose weight include skipping meals, foregoing nutrition and relying on fad diets.

But this is not true.

It is possible to lose weight in a healthy manner if you are mindful of what goes in your body and are careful of the effects it will have on you.

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Healthy and sustainable weight loss can be made possible if you eat fresh, timely, green and controlled. It is important that you treat your weight loss goals in all their seriousness and make a plan on how you want to go about achieving them.

The way you approach your diet and food, and how religiously you stick to your workout plan ensure the outcome of your dieting. Keep in mind that the health and beauty of your skin and hair depend a great deal on the food you eat. So if you are planning to crash diet bear in mind that it will have a few unpleasant side effects.

Here are a few tips by GymNation experts for you to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable manner.

1) Eat Veggies and Fruits

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Failing to eat on time and staying away from wholesome and healthy meals is the number one cause of unsustainable weight loss. The day you believe you have attained your desired weight and stop dieting; you start regaining all the kilos that you have lost.

Ensure that you eat healthy meals while dieting and stick to a healthy eating routine. Include lots of fresh veggies and fruits in your daily diet. And have your protein and healthy fats as well.

Fish and lean meat are great if you know they are not antibiotic-fed or farmed. Eggs should form a part of your daily diet and should ideally be a regular part of breakfasts.

All said and done, it is not easy to eat juicy green veggies every day. Recipes become repetitive and meal times become boring. If possible, it is a good idea to have your greens in the form of breakfast smoothies. Prep the ingredients beforehand so that all you need to do in the morning is put them in the blender to have a fresh, delicious and healthy start to your day.

If you love fruits having more of that will help balance out the lack of veggies in your diet. Of course greens pack in more punch than fruits where vital nutrients are concerned, but fruits you eat do you a lot better good than veggies you don’t (this applies for kids as well)!

2) Eat Your Breakfast


Eating on time is extremely important. Skipping meals can result in a lot of health complications in the long run.

If you want to take good care of yourself, it is important you have wholesome meals on time.

Breakfast sets the blood sugar pattern for the whole day. If your breakfast is sweet coffee and an even sweeter cinnamon roll, rest assured your blood sugar will spike abnormally and then taper down causing humungous hunger pangs by lunch time.

A healthy, filling and wholesome meal with proteins, carbs and healthy fats will give you a good start to the day. Time-tested options like whole wheat bread toast, egg whites, fruits and turkey bacon will give you necessary fuel to stay super-energetic all through the day.

Habit of eating breakfast ensures good short-term memory and helps you focus at work. A filling breakfast ensures you remain an optimistic dieter who can control her eating patterns.

3) Is Skipping Meals Helpful?

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If you are aiming to lose considerable amount of weight, then watching your calorie intake becomes important. For many it works to skip heavy meals and restrict the calories they consume in a day. If you ensure that you eat healthy, non-sugary and nutrient-dense foods at other times, then skipping a few meals in a week will not do much harm. But ensure that you never skip your morning breakfast.

The best and the most popular weight loss plans emphasize the importance of keeping your tummy full and not going hungry. This is much easier said than done, especially if you are a working mom managing household and kids. Try to schedule deliveries from a healthy eating outlet or an online store on a couple of days every week. This is expensive but will give you breathing space from having to prep meals for every single day, and also provide variety and interest to your daily routine.

Cooking multiple meals for freezing is another way in which you can stay committed to healthy eating. Consider healthy snacking to stay less hungry and more committed to your weight loss efforts.

4) Do Not Buy into Gimmicks

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Magic pills and potions guaranteeing immediate weight loss cannot be trusted. They do not work with the best interests of your body in mind and can do more harm than good.

Detox and cleansing plans are not healthy and can have serious health ramifications. Human body has its own cleansing system and you can optimize and maximize its efficiency by eating right. A high fiber diet and drinking plenty of water will help flush out toxins and food debris from the stomach. This also helps you have a healthy gut and stay free from acidity and related problems.

Even diet pills that are approved by the FDA has serious side-effects and can cause potential long-term harm. It is necessary that you consult your doctor before taking any weight-loss pills, including the OTC ones. A pharmacist or an assistant who has completed his pharmacy technician training will be able to explain the dangers of irresponsible use of these medicines.

5) Stay Aware of Calories That Come in a Glass

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We are all super aware of the calories we consume by way of our meals. But do you know that calories in a white chocolate mocha can be more than that in a serving of pasta and meat sauce? If you are not careful about what you sip on, then very soon your daily intake will go way over your preferred limit.

But do not worry, a cup of freshly brewed tea or a cup of non-fat cappuccino will not do much harm to your waistline. If you are careful enough there is enough of better options for you.

Alcohols have been found to suppress metabolism of fat in the body. So it may be wise to limit the amount of drinks you have or ensure that you drink a lot of water as well while out drinking at a party.


Weight loss is a heady goal for many of us. But it is not as difficult or complicated as it is made out to be. With the right lifestyle and eating habits, maintaining a healthy weight will not be tough. Also keep in mind that many of us have a weight that we need to live with. Feel happy the way you are because in the end it is the joy that shines through that makes look and feel great.



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