5 priceless (health) benefits associated with self defense

In our day to day lives, we don’t usually have to do a lot for ourselves in the way of self defense.

We’re not often being accosted by people or threatened, but it doesn’t mean that self defense isn’t important and beneficial.

In fact, one of the biggest benefits of self defense isn’t the ability to be able to defend yourself, but the subsequent self esteem boost that you get from knowing how to.

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Many people, when they think of self defense (things like jujitsu, tae kwon do or krav maga) will think of it being applicable mainly to women, but the truth is it’s hugely beneficial to everyone.

I started doing krav maga in Melbourne recently and have already noticed some huge benefits. Of course it’s hugely beneficial to your self esteem if you know that you are physically capable of defending yourself, but what are some of the other benefits of knowing self defense? Let’s take a look here.

Benefit one – it improves your balance

When you work out in a self defense style, you’re asking a lot from your body. You will be twisting, pivoting and moving around a lot, and this has a great roll on effect for your balance.

My krav maga classes require me to focus on a target while controlling my body, and when you improve your balance, you also improve your focus. The self defense classes will work wonders for your ability to move through the world a little better.

Benefit two – enhances your confidence

A self defense class can do wonders for your self esteem, and your confidence gets a real boost too. Many people are under-confident – well, actually, most people – in their ability to protect themselves, but self defense classes can help to flip that around.

Even if you never use the self defense training, just knowing that you’re capable of self defense is a huge boost for many people.

Benefit three – it increases discipline

When you undertake training in self defense, you need to have a large measure of discipline in order to achieve more and to grow. You have to attend classes regularly, and you have to practice your moves to get better, and this has an effect on the rest of your life as well.

You’ll find that you will have more energy for sustained practice as you continue to train.

Benefit four – you get into shape

When you’re training a couple of times a week in a rigorous self defense class, you’re going to notice some positive changes in your body. Combine this with the strength training that you’ll be doing as well, and you’ll be rocking a pretty great body in no time at all.

Self defense is one of the most intensive ways that you can choose to get into shape, and you’ll notice that there are very few (if any) martial arts students who are serious about their chosen practice who are out of shape.

You simply can’t afford to be unfit in order to perform well, and the training itself shapes and sculpts your body in such a way that it’s almost impossible not to be in excellent shape if you’re disciplined!

Benefit five – increases your street smarts

A benefit of doing a martial art or self defense training is that you’re going to be honing your awareness as part of your training. While no one ever plans on being attacked (and indeed, one of the teachings of krav maga is to avoid confrontation when possible) your training will take steps to make you more aware of what’s going on around you.

You need to know where possible attackers could be hiding, where the best spot to defend yourself lies, and where your best route for escape is. This is all part of the self defense training.

I hope that this has proven to be a helpful guide to the benefits of self defense, and that you manage to find the right practice for you.

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