3 Highly Effective Techniques to Get Motivated for Exercise

If you don’t enjoy exercising, getting motivated to do so can be extremely difficult.

However, it is a necessity in order to stay fit and healthy. Do you want to start making an exercise class your weekly ritual?

Do you feel like you want to get back to the gym, but struggle with the motivation to do so?

According to studies conducted by psychologists, there are some highly effective techniques and strategies that you should be taking advantage of in order to get motivated for exercise.

Giving Yourself a Reward

The benefit of improving your health or losing weight may not do it for you when it comes to being motivated to exercise. Instead, offer yourself a real reward when you meet your goals.

You’ll want to set realistic goals with tangible rewards. For example, after a workout routine, treat yourself to a delicious smoothie or a small treat. The larger goals that you reach, the better rewards you can give to yourself.

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Eventually, this will become a habit and exercising will become a natural part of your daily routine. Once the results start to show, you’ll even realize that exercising itself is the reward and that you may not need to treat yourself afterwards.

Get Paid to Workout

Money talks and can be a huge motivation factor for individuals to workout. In fact, some studies show that those who were paid $100 to go to the gym double the average attendance rate.

While you won’t get rich off of going to the gym, there are some apps and communities available which will pay you to stick to your exercise routines. When you miss a session, you authorize the application to charge your credit card or PayPal account.

When your goal is reached, you are paid out of a money pool that is funded by yourself and other community members who have missed out on their exercise sessions. This will keep you motivated to continue exercising so that you’re not charged and so that you’ll get paid at the end.

Making a Commitment Contract

One of the most highly effective ways to get motivated to exercise is by committing yourself to it. Sign a commitment contact in front of friends or family.

You may even add on things to the contract like an agreement to pay your friend a certain amount of money if you miss a trip to the gym. For ideas on exercise routines and ways to stay fit, visit Take Fitness.

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