Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Toner in Your Skincare Routine

From the moment we’re old enough to understand the benefits of a daily beauty routine, we have it drilled into us that cleansing, toning, and moisturizing is the way forward. Do these three things twice a day and our skin will stay as soft and fresh as a baby’s bottom until we’re old and gray.

Or so it goes.

But whilst it’s not hard to see the advantages of cleansing and moisturizing every day, is it really necessary to tone as well? Surely this step is a bit superfluous. Read on to find out why toner is an essential part of any skincare routine, and why it is so beneficial.

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Not All Toners are Worth the Money

There are a lot of cheap toners out there that do more harm than good. Some contain alcohol, which dries out our skin. Others contain harmful ingredients such as sulfates and fragrance. Yet more still contain no useful ingredients whatsoever and you may as well be throwing water in your face.

The best toners are natural and made from ingredients that have additional cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. Herbal Dynamics Beauty makes a good one, so check it out. Otherwise, stick to products from reputable brands, so you know they contain useful active ingredients.

Why Toners are Beneficial

Toners are very helpful for some skin types.

Moisturising Toner

If your skin is dry, the right toner can help your moisturizer to penetrate deep into the sub-layers of your skin and do its work. As mentioned already, avoid toners containing any alcohol (typically toners described as astringents). Instead, look for products that include hyaluronic acid and glycerine on the list of ingredients. They bind moisture into the skin and are ideal for dry skin conditions.

Long-Haul Travel

Speaking of dry skin, if you travel a lot, you’ll be well aware of the problems caused by air-conditioned flight cabins. After 21+ hours in the air, your skin is likely to feel like a dried-up leaf. Well, the good news is that toner can help in this instance. Use a toner mist to rehydrate your skin after a long, grueling flight, but make sure the bottle you select is approved for carry-on luggage.

Acne-Prone Skin

There is a misconception that toner is a big no-no for acne-prone skin, as when used it can dry out and further irritate problem skin. However, this could not be farther from the truth.

The right toner can really help acne-prone skin. Look for a toner that contains salicylic acid, lactic acid, tea tree oil, and witch hazel. These are natural astringents that work to treat spots and clear any make-up and bacteria left behind from your cleansing routine. These toners also remove excess oil, which is important for preventing more blackheads and spots forming.

Many people prefer to use a toner for acne-prone skin rather than a targeted spot treatment, as it doesn’t dry out the skin in the same way.

Rebalance Your Skin

A good toner will restore your skin’s pH to the right value. It will also soothe irritation and work to resolve redness. Look for a toner containing natural, soothing ingredients. Some people swear by Apple Cider Vinegar as a natural toner, but make sure you dilute it first, as applying neat will burn the skin (not a good look).

A Glowing Complexion

If your goal is to achieve a glowing complexion, look for toners containing natural ingredients full of vital skin care nutrients such as vitamin C.


Choose your toner carefully. Be guided by your skin type and read the ingredients list to make sure there is nothing in there you need to avoid.


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