Natural Teenage Acne Remedies – 5 Ideas for Clearer Skin

If you have suffered from acne for a considerable amount of time and have used over the counter medication, then you can attest to the fact that they only offer temporary relief and do not provide permanent solution.

Something to remember to help us through this is that everyone experiences this. The topic of acne & celebrities is extensive, and rings true for many of us. Even the famous experience problems with their skin from time to time

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In some cases, such medications have led to further complications of the skin. This is mainly because the medications contain chemical substances that are harsh and hard on skin surfaces which lead to inflammation and irritation.

Seldom where such medications work, it was discovered that the solution only scratches the surface of the acne problem while the root is left unattended.

This means there will be recurrent attacks and the skin soon becomes immune to such medications.

Addressing the root cause of the problem

If you want to address the root cause of acne problems, there are different tested and trusted ways to go and that is what the rest of this article discusses in details. Since acne mostly affects teenagers and fresh adults, it is important to develop a cure that is health friendly and unlikely to result in various side effects. This solution is only possible with natural remedies and the solution must extend to teens that suffer from severe acne cases seeing as it affects about 40% of all acne cases.

Fortunately, the solution isn’t far-fetched. In fact, it is so achievable; it can easily be overlooked or trifled with.

With simple adjustments in diet, lifestyle and choice of skin care products, you can be on the way to having an acne free puberty and enjoying an even-toned skin for the rest of your life. What more, if you can catch in on this early enough, you stand to benefit a lot for both your health and well being in addition. These natural methods are not only preventive but also curative measures for getting rid of acne for good.

If you know any teenager or adult that suffers from acne problem or if you do yourself, these five natural remedies will work wonders for you:

Adjustment to your Diet

This is in two phases of foods to avoid and food to start eating religiously. Since you must eat, it is necessary you eat food that will benefit your overall health and well-being, regulate your hormones and stimulate your metabolism.

While food doesn’t directly cause acne, the wrong diet can complicate an existing acne case or hasten the existence of one. If you suffer from acne, take carbohydrate at the most minimal amount. Some carbohydrates are known to cause specific types of acne so you should study yourself to know how you react to what you eat. Restrict yourself to natural carbohydrates alone and avoid refined carbs prevalent in processed foods.

bad foods
Fast food is bad food, especially for acne.

You should also avoid sugary, oily and fatty foods which spark up your glucose levels. Then you should decrease the amount of dairy you consume since they worsen acne problems. Start eating lots of fruits and vegetables which contain high volume of vitamins and minerals.

Take Vitamin Supplements

It may be challenging to always eat the right fruits and vegetables in the right proportion and at the right time. But you can overcome this challenge by taking vitamin supplements.

Here are the major vitamin supplements you should always take to get rid of acne fast:

Vitamin A

This vitamin will nourish and rejuvenate your skin. It reduces the production of sebum and leaves the skin pores well aerated to prevent clogging. Foods that contain vitamin A include carrot and spinach

Vitamin B5

This enzyme helps to produce the enzymes that enhance body metabolism. This metabolism also enhances the absorption and conversion of skin oils. Thus, there is no retention of oil that results in the clogging of skin pores. Foods that have vitamin B5 include strawberries and corn.

Vitamin B6

This vitamin helps to balance the hormones in the body. It is important for women to consume more of this vitamin especially as they near their menstrual cycle. It can prevent hormonal imbalance which is a specific cause of acne. You will find vitamin B6 in fish and poultry.

Vitamin C

This vitamin boosts the immune syst5em and guards it against bacterial infection which may manifest as acne attack. Your skin will thank you if you consistently consume vitamin C and it is good for general well-being. Vitamin C is present in mango, citrus and green pepper.


Zinc is active both for preventing and curing acne. It hastens healing and recovery from acne and helps to relieve the pain and inflammation. Zinc is present in foods such as red meat and oyster.

Reduce Anxiety and Stress

Stress and anxiety can lead to an acne attack and can aggravate an already existing attack. Ensure you adopt a lifestyle that excludes high level of stress and when you exert yourself too much, find enough time to rest.

Exercise regularly, practice some relaxation techniques and eat well and on time. Be happy and keep company with people that make you feel good about yourself.

Bask in the Sun

Sunlight, especially morning rays contains vitamin D which provides important nourishment for the skin. Go out in the sun early in the morning and soak its glory in, your skin will be grateful and reward you by staying acne-free.

Use Natural Facial Cleansers

Among all other things, enhance your facial hygiene by using natural facial cleansers. Do away completely with those alcohol-based cleansers that are harsh on your skin and cause irritation or inflammation.

These chemical products will incapacitate yours skin and stop it from fighting acne-inducing bacteria. Natural facial cleansers will provide lasting solution to your skin without resultant side effects. While the chemical based cleansers promise you a quick fix, they will only make you vulnerable to acne in the long run.

There are many healthy ways to take cure of acne problems and get lasting solution. Those listed here will serve you well and in little time, you will get impressive results. Start using the combination that suits you best and be patient. It will be worth it at last.


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