10 Amazing Simple & Effective Steps To Get Toned Legs

Summer is here, and this is the best time to flaunt your legs in skirts and shorts. But before that, it is necessary to make your legs beautiful and flawless. Read on to know 10 amazing simple and effective steps to get perfectly beautiful legs that make other girls envy and all guys going crazy on you.

Step 1: Address skin issues

The first step towards beautiful legs is identifying if there is any skin issues that need medical attention. For example, blemishes, scars, marks, appearance of veins and even pimples. It is better to see your dermatologist if you have any skin problem that you cannot cure yourself.

If you have marks and scars, you may use a good quality anti marks cream to fade away those imperfections.

Step 2: Keep them clean

There is nothing worse than dirty legs and nails. If you want to flaunt your legs, you must clean them first. Dirty legs may put a bad impression about your personal hygiene on others. Use a scrub to remove dead cells and deposited dirt from your legs and heels.

It will freshen up your skin that will glow. It is recommended to scrub and clean your legs at least thrice a week and before hair removal.

Step 3: Prevent marks

If you have a tendency to fall, you must try to prevent it at any cost. Hurting your legs leaves unwanted injury marks, which may look awful. Even a minor cut in your skin may ruin your looks.

It is, therefore, essential to avoid them. If you already have scars which are highly visible, hide them with make-up or use an anti marks cream to get rid of them permanently.

Step 4: Indulge in regular pedicure

Pedicures are meant to provide your legs the best treatment they can get. Regular pedicures ensure removal of dead skin cells as well as moisturization of the skin that in turns provides a long lasting radiance to the skin.

Even if you do not get time for regular pedicure ensures that your legs are clean and the nails are groomed well.

Step 5: Use moisturizer to keep skin hydrated

The skin of your legs is often left ignored; this takes a heavy toll on your look. Keeping the skin hydrated is the key to flawless beauty. Just as the skin of your face needs to be hydrated at all times, the skin of your legs too needs regular moisturization.

If possible use a moisturizer specially formulated for legs and heels to prevent flaky and dry skin.

Step 6: Use a sunscreen or tanner

Sunburns may leave spots that may take months to fade away. It is always better to use a protective sunscreen lotion which can protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays. In this way, there will be minimum sun damage.

If you have excessive tanning from the sun, try out remedies to cure sun tanning. Women with fair skin may use artificial tanners as it may enhance your looks, but be careful so that you do not overdo with it.

Step 7: Try home remedies to fade pigmentation

There could be a number of reasons for skin pigmentation starting from sun damage to certain ailments, but this could be dreadful for your beauty. Try home remedies and masks made of natural ingredients to even out your skin and make them glow.

Avoid dark knees by applying skin lightening homemade masks to the dark areas. A mask made by mixing honey and lemon in equal parts may aid in vanishing the dark patches.

Step 8: Tone them with exercise

If you want perfectly toned legs, try exercises that help in getting rid of the extra fat that makes your legs appear flabby.

woman legs

Indulge in light exercises that involve leg muscles as cycling, jogging, walking and doing squats to tone the muscles of thighs.

Step 9: Drink water

Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water every day, especially during summers is highly beneficial for your skin. It protects against dryness and prevents half of the skin problems.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet that have a high content of water. In this way, you will be consuming vitamins and minerals that will benefit your skin.

Step 10: Regular maintenance is necessary

Apart from keeping up with the above tips to make legs beautiful, you should indulge in regular maintenance of your legs by waxing or shaving it regularly to get rid of unwanted hair. It will reduce any cuts and skin damage that otherwise occurs when you do it hastily once in a while.

Never forget to apply a foot cream every day before going to bed. Regular care is much easier and less time-consuming than doing it once in a month or before an event. It will ensure your legs are well groomed and beautiful at all times.

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