How to floss your teeth – A Complete Guide

Brushing your teeth will keep them strong and healthy. But, you can also consider flossing your teeth to get the complete dental hygiene. With the everyday flossing of your teeth, you will definitely get rid of the plaque and other debris in your mouth.

Since brushing can’t reach some of the areas in your mouth, flossing is the right way of protecting your teeth again bacteria and other unwanted problems.

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Now, let’s see how you can floss tour teeth in the correct way.

10 Steps for perfect flossing

We will now discuss these 10 steps that you need to follow in order to floss correctly. Let’s see.

1) Use effective dental floss

Since there are lots of different types of dental floss, you need to find the one that will suit you the most. Simply speaking, there are waxed, unwaxed, flavored, and unflavored types of dental floss.

To choose the one that suits you perfectly, you need to know the specifications that are written on each dental floss box.

2) Wrap the ends around your middle fingers

Now, after you picked the right dental floss, it is time to use it correctly. First, you need to wrap the ends of dental floss around your middle fingers. Make sure not to wrap all the dental floss, since you need to leave one part for flossing, obviously.

3) Hold the floss with your thumbs and forefingers

When you already wrapped the ends of the dental floss around your middle fingers, it is time to press the rest of the dental floss with your thumbs and forefingers of both hands. This way, you will have the perfect control of the dental floss since you are holding it correctly.

4) Use thumbs to floss upper teeth

It is time to use the dental floss now. Simply speaking, you need to use your thumbs in order to floss your upper teeth. Just put dental floss between the teeth and apply pressure with your thumbs with moving them up slowly.

Make sure to hold the dental floss tightly with every step so far, you need to have a full control over the dental floss.

5) Gently slide

Now, you need to gently slide the dental floss between your teeth in order to get rid of the plaque and other debris. It doesn’t matter with which tooth you start, just make sure to floss between as many as you can.

Don’t make any fast movements since you might hurt your gums or cause bleeding. Just use gentle and slow motions and you will be good to go.

6) Repeat the process

You need to repeat the process with every tooth like this. Keep in mind, when dental floss reaches the gums, you need to make a ‘’C’’ motion and move the dental floss up and down. This way you will ensure that your teeth will be cleaned correctly.

7) Don’t forget to floss your back teeth

We know that teeth in the back of our mouth are bigger and stronger. Therefore, they are not that easy to floss. You might consider getting two different type of dental floss in order to clean both front and back teeth.

Now, the thing with the back teeth flossing is that you need to do it slowly and patiently. Also, floss it several times, just to make sure that you did a good job.

8) Rinse after flossing

When you are done flossing, all you need to do next is to rinse. Why is this important? Well, some parts of food that you already flossed are still in your mouth and you need to spit them out. This is where rinsing comes pretty handy since it will help you clean your mouth perfectly.

However, you can also use mouthwash to rinse, it doesn’t have to only water. With the mouthwash, you will have better treatment of your mouth since mouthwash is better than water.

9) Floss every day at least once

It is very important to floss every day since the food you eat might get stuck between your teeth and brushing won’t help. With the constant flossing, you will also prevent other bacteria and plaque to cause you even more problems. Anyhow, with the suitable dental floss and with a little help from this review, you will definitely get the full dental hygiene and keep your teeth in perfect health.

Also, don’t skip steps in your every day flossing routine. It is important to do it correctly. Ryan has reviewed some of the top rated cordless water flossers on his blog. You may consider to check them out.

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Flossing will keep your teeth strong and healthy without much trouble and, as we all know, teeth are the crown of everyone’s smile. Now, we have provided these 10 steps for you to floss correctly and to benefit as well.

Your teeth will definitely be thankful for your everyday flossing routine, just make sure to do it correctly and you will be fine.

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