Dental Advice this New Year

Of course this is the time of the year when we all get a little indulgent. The holidays and beginning of the year are a time when we all love to enjoy the things that we love; the biggest and the best of these being favorite foods.

Who doesn’t love to enjoy their best dessert or mom’s own home cooking to whisk out the old year and usher in the new?

Still there is some dental advice this New Year which can help everyone not wind up with horrible cavities.


The best offense is a good defense; this is why especially at the year’s beginning, it’s vital to practice good dental hygiene. It can be pretty easy to just sort of slip into bad habits as you may be out at more parties and social functions over the holidays.

So as a way to protect against this you should make a habit of practicing good habits. Try to brush and floss even more often than you ordinarily would. Maybe throw in an extra brushing of the teeth as you get ready for these holiday parties or bring a brush with you to work to brush up after lunch.

The more you care for yourself the less often you’ll need to be in the dentist’s office!


There are all sorts of foods which you could and should try to avoid around the holidays.

Unfortunately, these foods and ingredients in particular are the savory ones so many of us love to enjoy this time of year. Don’t get too hectic with too many sugars without getting a brush in.

You can still enjoy many of these sweet and savory foods; you just need to be mindful of when the last time you cleaned your mouth out and then you need to do it! Even just a simple gargle with salt water is better than nothing.

Next Steps

Of course we all are only human and there are going to be times when we don’t reach the level of dental health that we would like.

Every one of us has had an issue where we needed to see the dentist. So if you are feeling pangs in your molars or if you feel like one of your incisors is coming loose or if you see bloody gums, don’t wait!

Make that appointment and get into your dentist’s chair as soon as possible. You are only delaying the inevitable if you wait too long and you are only going to experience more pain than you need to.


One more piece of dental advice for the anxious dental patient. There are all manner of dental sedation techniques that many dentists are using these days with a great deal of success.

These sedation techniques are a perfect suggestion for those who just feel too anxious about going out to the dentist. The sedation which many dentists are offering is perfectly safe and legal and is a great way to get over your fears of drills and picks and other dental tools probing around these otherwise very uncomfortable portions of your mouth.

In truth most of us should be leery of anyone probing around the recesses of our mouth.

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