Healthy Habits to Practice When Drinking Out with Friends

Let’s be honest, being out for a late-night drink with friends is fun and exciting. However, with alcohol involved, a fun night can quickly turn into an accident, with severe consequences like injuries and property damage.

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Should you ever find yourself in an drunk driving accident, you will need DWI injury lawyers on your side to ensure you’re legally protected and get the defense you need. Alcohol consumption also has a negative impact on your health, increasing the risk of cancer. When out with friends, here are a few habits you can practice staying safe from any unwanted outcomes or consequences.

Understand Your Drinking Limit

Alcohol is not all bad for the human body; you will need to learn and understand the pros and cons suited for you. Human body experts suggest that to reduce the lifetime risk of injuries or diseases related to alcohol, a healthy adult should have no more than four standard drinks per day and no more than ten standard drinks in a single week.

Although alcohol affects us differently according to gender, weight, age, and how we feel at the time, ten grams of alcohol is the average amount our bodies can take and process in one hour. Drinking more than the recommended daily dosage increases the chances of an accident, injury, or hangover. When you regularly exceed your alcohol limit, so does the risk of developing chronic conditions like cancer, heart disease, liver disease, brain damage, or mental illnesses.

Eat Enough Before Your Drinking Session

When you’re drinking alcohol, experts suggests that alcohol goes through your stomach via your small intestines. When you’re sipping on an empty stomach, it means that alcohol travels to your bloodstream much faster. So, it is best to have a decent meal before you have your first and while your drinking.

The best way to mix alcohol and food is making sure your drink plenty of water in between, avoid eating salty snacks, stay away from sugary drinks and energy boosters.

Slow Your Intake with Alcohol-Free Beverages

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When you’re out drinking with friends, you ultimately want to have fun and stay safe at the same time. It’s no news that alcohol consumption affects your behavior, and you want to keep your blood alcohol concentration at a bare minimum.

One of the best ways to keep your BAC low and slow down your intake is having healthy substitutes near you. With your alcoholic beverages, have non-alcoholic drinks, low-alcohol drinks, and rather sip your alcohol drink instead of gulping the whole glass. One of the biggest reasons people gulp alcohol is thirst, so drink a few glasses of water to quench your thirst before drinking alcohol.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Drinking and driving in any country is a criminal offense, with an average limit of 0.05 blood alcohol concentration (BAC). Probationary drivers and learner drivers are limited to have a 0.00 BAC, and that’s zero. Although there is a legally acceptable amount of alcohol to drive, there’s no safe level of alcohol intake for driving a vehicle. Remember, the more you drink, the more you are at risk of causing an accident, putting yourself and others in danger.

Before you go drinking with your friends, you should all decide and make responsible plans for getting home safe at the end of the night. You can make several safe decisions, either designate a non-drinking friend to drive or save enough money for a taxi home.




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