6 Ways You Are Ruining Your Bike And How To Avoid Them

People who own dream bikes that they cherish know that maintenance and insurance are essential to increase durability and longevity. Getting new bikes can be expensive, so frequent sustentation is the best way to keep them.

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Everyone loves their pedal cycle to last long but doesn’t know or do what it takes. There are things people unknowingly do that damage bicycles, increase expenses (used in repair), and reduce their life span. Here are ways you’re ruining your bike and how to avoid them.

Ignoring Noise

It is normal for bikes to make some squeaks while you’re riding. But when the noise is consistent, it’s a call for alarm that there is a damaged part. One of the early signs of bike neglect and damage is ignoring the noise and not discovering the problem behind it. It can be anything from stem bolts that are too tight to gear out of position.

Be alert to identify common bicycle noises. There are different places to check; chain, derailleur, clip-less pedals, headset, pivot, bottom bracket, etc. When you notice squeaks in the back side, then check the crankset. Most times, the space between the chain and frame is clogged with dirt which causes noise.

Noise in the front can result from debris in the headset bearings. Dirty chains are also a suspect in the problem. You can solve all these problems by inspecting your bike’s parts and cleaning and greasing them for smooth motion.

Upside Down Position

Bike tires sometimes get damaged and would need either patching or total replacement. Most people flip the bike upside down, laying the saddle and stem on the ground to fix it. While this may be a norm, it causes wear, tears, and scratches to the saddle and stem. The damages can reduce the bike’s longevity and reduce efficiency while riding.

Avoid flipping the bike upside down at any time. Instead, get something that can serve as a work stand while you repair or replace bike parts. You can also get suitable bike racks to keep it elevated from the ground while you do what you want.

No Insurance

One of the ways you’re harming your cherished bike is using it without insurance. The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 resulted in spikes in the adoption of bicycles by individuals. With this increased usage came a rise in bike thefts. Project 529 reports that about 2 million bikes are stolen yearly in northern America.

You love your unique bike dearly, so a theft will surely be a huge loss. Asides from that, fire outbreaks and natural disasters can destroy your machine.

There is a myriad of bicycle-specific insurance companies to secure your bike. It is recommended to use insurance for aventon bikes from a reputable company like Velosurance that will cover any damage and give you the benefit of full replacement after a loss.

Dirty Chains

The chain link is crucial for your bike’s motion and speed. It is the driving force that causes movement, so any impairment can significantly reduce your riding experience. Ignoring the clogged debris in the chains are ways people can ruin their bikes. It can steal your bike’s speed and eventually cause it to break and increase expenses (during replacement).

Make a schedule of cleaning periods for your bicycle. Ensure you remove and scrub all parts properly to be free of clogged debris. Also, clean with a dry rag after washing to avoid corrosion of components.

Keeping It Wet

Air and water cause metallic rust. Leaving your bike under wet conditions is normal when done in the short term. For example, riding in the rain has no significant damage to the bike. The problem, however, results when you leave it wet for long durations.

Metals constitute the bulk of your bicycle and can rust under harsh weather conditions. The chains, bearing braces, cassettes, and most parts and be destroyed by water. Intense damage occurs during winter when an acid plus humidity combination causes rust.

After riding in the rain, or washing, clean the bike with a dry rag. Flip it upside down on a rack to drain all water from the surface. Finally, lubricate the parts like chains, pedal springs, and brake pivots which need grease for smooth movement.

Bad Hitch Racks

Hitch racks are equipment designed to hold your bicycle on a vehicle. However, not taking it off for long periods can cause damage to itself and your bike. Since they are not protected, UV rays, rain, and harsh weather conditions can cause metallic rust and injure your pedal cycle.

Inspect your hitch rack for any sign of corrosion. Clean it regularly and ensure you keep it safe while not in use. This way, you avoid unforeseen temperature damage and protect your bicycle.

The Bottom Line

Purchasing a dream bike that helps you go places easily is a refreshing feeling. But it doesn’t end there; you need proper maintenance knowledge and insurance in case of total loss. Now you can go ahead and protect your vehicle.


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