4 Signs that You Can Create the Life of Your Dreams

Why are you here? What is the reason for your being? Who would you like to become one day? These are some of the questions you might have asked yourself from time to time. Surely your life has more meaning than to just work, do some shopping, have kids, and pass on one day.

How can you know that your dreams are becoming a reality? Here are 4 signs that can tell you that. Don’t give up if none of them is showing up in your life right now. Just fill your daily thoughts with them and you’ll see one coming up after the other.

As you read these signs, ask yourself if you’re doing these in your life.

A happy couple; image source: pexels.com

Sign #1: You’re Sacrificing for Better Things

If you’re constantly sacrificing not-so-important things for what you see to be very crucial, it means your dreams can become a reality. Instead of satisfying your wants every other day with a small perspective, you’re always looking for a wider view of what you should be doing in life. You know that this is a step every successful person must go through.

You are aware that if you’re ever going to attain the big dreams of life, then you’d have to invest all your energy, resources, and time into achieving small things. Although the big goals do not often provide immediate self-gratification, you’re fine with that, holding on patiently. You know that maturity and strength come to those who sacrifice for big dreams.

Sign #2: You’ve Learned to Invest in Yourself

Your addiction is not to money but to growing personally, spiritually, and socially. This is because you understand the laws of attraction. You know that money naturally comes to those who have grown up. Therefore, you keep on investing in things and activities that can help in building the bridge to the dreams of your life.

You don’t like spending your resources on crap that may lead into debts. Instead, to you, every dollar counts towards your personal growth. You love using your money as a tool for answering your greatest questions in life. This is a great sign that you can create the life you’ve always dreamt of.

Sign #3: You’re Not Afraid of Failing

You understand that every successful person has failed at some point in their life and often do fail. Therefore, you’re not afraid of failing. You know that it’s the lessons successful people have learned through failure that have made them who they are. As a result, you see defeat as a learning opportunity and part of your journey to success in life.

Sign #4: You Love Criticism

You know how to respond to criticism rightly. You can differentiate between fair and unfair censure, and what to listen to and what shouldn’t enter your ear. You pay attention to constructive criticism and ignore what is hurting, disabling, and tearing. Even though it is often painful, you’re ready to receive positive censure.


Your dreams are valid only if there are certain things that you can easily identify in your life. If you’re always sacrificing less important things for bigger ones then it’s a good sign. Also, if you love investing in yourself and know how to handle criticism, then you’re heading towards your dream life.


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