Top 7 Myths About Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common condition that can be quite challenging to deal with. At some point in your life, it seems unavoidable that everyone will experience the cramp in the neck or some sort of neck pain.

This pain can be sharp that go through your shoulders and arms eventually causing numbness. One reason that makes it difficult to cope with neck pain is the abundance of information available online.

Have you ever thought whether all of this information is reliable? Below we have listed the most common neck pain myths that might help you clear some misconceptions.

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Myth #1: Everyone has neck pain with aging

This is one of the most common myths surrounding neck pain. Many people consider neck pain as a normal part of aging. Though remember not everyone experiences neck pain. Moreover, you are not destined to a phase of chronic pain just because you have seen many adults suffering from the same pain.

The neck problems and discomfort is not necessarily a genetic component. Accepting your pain as a part of routine since you are growing older is a common misconception. Similar to other health conditions, delaying care or evading the issue can make it even worse. Many causes of neck pain are handled with natural and effective solutions.

Myth #2: Your office job cannot be a cause of neck pain

It is true that physically demanding jobs such as lifting heavy objects or consistent pushing and pulling work can be a prominent source of neck pain. On the other hand, office jobs requiring long hours of sitting can equally contribute to it. For instance, if you have a workspace that is not set properly will force you to twist and turn and get you in an uncomfortable position.

Suppose your computer monitor is positioned very low and therefore you need to bend forward for most of your day. Besides, using mobile devices such as cell phones for longer durations can also add to the problem. Consider an average weight of the head is 10-12 pounds.

If you tilt your head at 45-degree angle, you will add significant weight to your head and at a 60-degree angle, it will feel like up to 60 pounds. If you are doing this for hours, it will stress your spine, muscles, and ligaments of the neck.

Myth #3: All you need to do is rest

If you are suffering from neck pain, the very first suggestion you will have is to take bed rest. Though being inactive can increase pain. This is particularly true if you are not using a comfortable pillow or you are unable to maintain an appropriate body posture while resting.

Also, if you are resting on the bed and watching Netflix all day long, it’s not going to get things better.

Myth #4: You are Over-Thinking

Simple because a practitioner couldn’t identify the cause of your pain, you don’t have to jump to a conclusion that you are just overthinking. For instance, you have consulted a family doctor who is not specialized to diagnose cervical misalignments.

Also, a standard x-ray won’t show you misalignments precisely and therefore you don’t have to blame your thoughts instead consult a neck pain doctor especially if the pain prolongs.

Myth #5: It’s a hereditary problem

Most neck problems do not have a genetic tendency. For instance, if your parents are suffering from chronic neck pain, just don’t assume that you will be having the same condition soon or later. If you are supposing a painful condition as inherited, it will perhaps stop you to seek help and relieve pain.

Myth #6: Your spine is weak and easily injured

One cannot neglect the fact that surrounding muscles, ligaments, and tendons significantly contribute to strength, flexibility, and sustenance of your spine. To keep your spine healthy, you need to make your muscles strong through everyday stretching, aerobics, healthy nutrition, exercise, etc. Though assuming the cause of neck pain as a result of the fragile spine is wrong.

There are many activities that contribute to neck pain such as poor body posture, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, and excessive smoking.

Myth #7: You can live with the pain

According to many researchers, the neck pain increases mortality rate compared to those who take proper care of themselves. Assuming it as something common and you can live with it will eventually make it even worse. We suggest you get it checked and corrected as soon as possible.

Looking for Neck Pain Relief?

One popular form of care is upper cervical chiropractic care.  Upper cervical care focuses on a specific area of the spine that can be freely moved and has potential to misalign and cause pain. The vertebrae in our body hold the weight of the head and provide diverse motions through which we can move our heads comfortably.

These bones offer significant protection for the brainstem which is an important component of the central nervous system. An upper cervical misalignment, also known as subluxation can affect the motion of your neck and disturbs the nervous system activity. When you consult a specialist, they will have a detailed and systematic approach to identify the cause of the problem.

This upper cervical adjustment treatment is smooth and precise. They are exclusively designed to hold in place for longer duration and therefore many patients report long-lasting results.


Neck pain is increasingly becoming a common ailment and subsequently, you must be reading a lot of stuff online to identify the causes and prevention. By the end of this article, you must be aware of many misconceptions associated with neck pain.

Be sure to verify the authenticity of what you read. Enjoy a healthy living!



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