Tips for Overcoming a Hangover

Pounding headache, sensitivity to lights, nausea, and a general feeling of discomfort all around…there’s nothing quite as humbling as a raging hangover.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there, of course, who hasn’t had one too many during a night of festivities? When the fun and laughs just keep on coming you can’t very well say no to another round, can you?

Nevertheless, after a night of alcohol-soaked debauchery the mess that is the next day’s hangover is of course an inevitable result.

What we’re going to do right now is present you with some tips for overcoming such a condition, so try to relax, maybe drink a bit of soup and see if you can find some method that works for treating your throbbing headache…


Consider this a warning, disclaimer, whatever you like, but the truth is that the only sure-fire way of really overcoming hangovers is to not have them in the first place.

Yes, it’s been said over and over that “responsible drinking” is the best course of action but given the addictive nature of the substance it’s no wonder that people don’t heed the advice.

Moreover, there’s always alcohol poisoning (and other maladies) to worry about as well, so before you take that gigantic swig, remember the inevitable repercussions.

Get hydrated

It’s no secret that your typical hangover is actually fallout from dehydration, but sufferers typically don’t connect the dots on this.

When you wake up feeling half past dead, just reach for water or anything else which can help you hydrate; at the same time, be sure to drink some water between drinks while you’re partying.

Not been hydrated is bad for your health, and one sign is that your pee is usually yellow, the deeper it is the more it could mean you’re dehydrated. Sure, it might sound sort of lame but you’ll thank yourself in the morning, believe it.


Arguably, for most people the best next-day hangover cure is probably going to be a couple of Aleve. While it is typically only seen as a painkiller, this nifty little product seems to work miracles on particularly nasty hangovers.

As always, if you have any apprehensions about trying any new OTC drugs and/or how they might interact with your system or other medications, please consult with your physician.

Sleep it off and take everything slowly for a while

You know what they say, when you feel like absolute @#%# sometimes the best thing to do is just try to sleep it off. Of course if you’re writhing in pain and/or miserable this might be very difficult or next to impossible.

Just take it extremely easy for a day or so, you should be fine within 24 – 48 hours. Naturally, if you don’t start to feel better after 6-12 hours then you could have alcohol poisoning, so be mindful of that.

Try to eat something

Lastly, you should really try to eat something, especially anything that adds comfort or might aid in recovery. As previously mentioned a light soup is ideal, but many experts are quick to point to eggs or even bananas, as both items have very helpful substances in them which have proved useful in treating hangovers.


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