Staying Fit and Healthy While Caring For Others

While it probably appears that nurses can keep going and going without showing any signs of stopping, they’re actually human too.

Nurses regularly work shifts that would make the average person cringe, but their dedication to caring is what helps to fuel them even when they’re burning the midnight oil.

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On the other hand, partaking in any type of strenuous activity is going to take a toll on your body no matter how admirable your intentions are. At the same time many medical professionals complete an online nursing degree from Norwich University, they know just how far they will be pushed while completing residency.

Staying within a healthy weight range is one thing while working as a nurse. Keeping your heart and respiratory system healthy while also getting enough sleep is totally different when you pursue a nursing career.

Avoiding Dangerous Health Hazards

Nurses of all people should know better, but drinking too much coffee and or using tobacco is a terrible habit that very hazardous to their health. Unfortunately, a number of doctors and nurses, especially those in hospital settings, pick up these bad habits as a means of coping with the stress, sleep deprivation, and fast past nature involved in the medical field.

If you don’t smoke cigarettes, don’t start after you become a nurse. Coffee isn’t so bad if you can limit your intake to no more than a single cup a day.

Exercising When You’re Off the Clock

If you have your master of science in nursing and you have full-time employment, you may spend less than an hour out of your schedule sitting in one place. The rest of the time, you need to walk from place to place at a brisk pace so that you’re able to keep up with your patients and meet the demands of busy doctors.

As such, you might firmly believe that there’s no need for you to ever see the inside of a gym or have any type of need to work out. You really do need to get some type of cardiovascular exercise at least three to five days a week, so working out on your days off will keep your body healthier in the long run.

Planning Out Healthy Meals

Eating microwaved meals every day, even if they are low in calories, is not the best way to maintain your health. Consume a mix of salads, nuts and grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lean meats so that you have a good amount of carbohydrates and protein to keep you going.

Yogurt cups and energy bars are better foods to eat on the go rather than meals that come out of a box or the freezer. Try bringing a big lunchbox filled with bite-sized snacks so that you’re able to eat on all your breaks.

If you want to work as a nurse without having an abundance of aches and pains as you grow older, you have to care for your body now. Being healthy involves you taking the same advice that you would give to all your patients. Eat well, exercise several times a week, and avoid picking up dangerous habits.

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