Marc Zboch Discusses Digital Therapeutics and How Your Phone Will Save the Health Care System

Marc Zboch ( Marc Zboch Discusses Digital Therapeutics and How your phone will save the health care system.

Marc Zboch has seen a positive change in healthcare options since the pandemic. By using digital therapeutics, certain health conditions can be managed without leaving home. The increased safety of using a smartphone to stay socially distanced is one of the advantages Marc Zboch approves for non-medication-related health concerns.

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Digital Therapeutics In The Age of COVID-19

Artificial intelligence has increased the ability to receive healthcare in the United States. Using evidence-based technologies, patients can access treatment for a variety of conditions. Innovative software that incorporates therapeutic interventions for behavior and lifestyle changes can help millions of patients.

There are a variety of ways to utilize digital therapeutic technology. Digital products to improve health have been used for decades, but the use of the internet is relatively new. Online healthcare treatment that focuses primarily on behavior can be reached through a desktop computer or smartphone.

This type of digital care is not a wellness application. Although a smartphone is often used to access therapeutic software, the data collection provided by a digital healthcare system is superior to many apps. Clinical evidence is used to guide specific therapeutic programs online in addition to reviewing preventative measures for certain health conditions.

Technology that can be used in digital therapeutics includes desktop computers, mobile devices, and other apps.

This technology has proved invaluable during the pandemic. The convenience provided by smartphones or other mobile devices leaves many people wondering if this trend will continue after the pandemic. With a keen focus on behavior, some patients may find a decreased need for medication.

In some instances, video games can be incorporated into the treatment of disorders. Children with ADHD can learn to harness their attention span. For those who are wary about medication for learning disorders, this method can help improve some conditions. By using FDA-approved methods, certain mobile sleep programs have been known to treat nightmares for those suffering from post-traumatic stress.

Combating disorders without the use of medicine often requires help. Using approved therapies or working with a doctor via telemedicine or video can ease discomfort while gaining treatment. Digital therapeutics has expanded access to individuals who do not feel safe traveling during the pandemic and cannot find local care.

What Can Digital Therapeutics Treat?

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Digital therapeutics are usually designed for improving lifestyle using defined behavioral techniques. This can help with both physical and mental health.


Migraine apps are available to help treat and manage their condition. Many individuals that suffer from migraines cannot perform daily activities. By tracking this type of neurological condition, the complexities can be studied. Food diaries are often resourceful when pinpointing triggers. Diet can often play an essential role in the severity and length of a migraine. The goal is to be able to eliminate the triggers that cause migraines.


Digital therapeutics can enhance therapy in addition to providing behavioral techniques to cope with depressive episodes. Depression can severely impact mood and create physical ailments. Physical manifestations of depression can include fatigue, hair loss, headaches, and weight change. To learn coping skills for stress and certain forms of depression, digital options can help assess the situation’s severity. Depending on the kind of software, digital therapeutics can teach individuals how to disrupt negative thinking on a daily basis.

Neurological Disorders

By using a smartphone for digital therapeutics, certain neurological conditions can be treated using apps. Daily exercise apps can alleviate painful symptoms and inflammation. Some digital therapies include a mix of physical and mental stimulation. This can consist of games to improve memory or yoga to improve strength and flexibility for the joints.


Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes can be treated through digital technology. While the software is not a substitute for prescription medication, tracking glucose levels no longer requires a doctor’s appointment. Many apps can monitor how much an individual exercises throughout the day as well as blood sugar levels. Some apps allow people to track insulin injections as well as blood pressure and heart rate. Depending on the software, many of these apps can be used on a smartphone for instant access anywhere.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can also be done on a mobile device or desktop. Exercises that can improve physical range and movement are available online. With digital therapeutics, this technology can assist patients by alerting them to ideal stretch times and providing recorded video guidance. After leaving a physical therapy clinic, many individuals may not remember the exercises necessary to practice regularly. This technology can make a dramatic difference in the mobility of an individual.

Digital Services of The Future

Since the start of the pandemic, an increasing amount of individuals have learned about digital therapeutics. Whether focusing on measurements such as blood sugar levels or using coping methods, maintaining health is essential. Since digital technology has become widely available for those in need of treatment, online health services are likely to stay.

Digital technology can also be used in conjunction with traditional methods of treatment. Utilizing smartphone apps to monitor behavior and treatment for anxiety or diabetes can be much easier for the patient. Medications that are used in addition to behavioral forms of therapy often improve health at a faster rate. For many health conditions, daily maintenance is necessary regardless if it is a mental or physical disorder. To better understand what is available, researching guidelines and approval ratings are advised.  


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