How to Stay Happy and Healthy in the Winter

The winter months can be rough. It’s often cold, dark, rainy and miserable – and it can remain that way for weeks at a time.

People also tend to get sick during this period. It’s easier for germs to spread because we stay indoors so much.

Therefore, we should take extra care to focus on our health. Here are four simple methods to stay help stay fit during the darkness of the winter.

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Take a Vacation

One of the common effects of the winter is depression and demotivation. The simplest way to get escape from the dreariness is to leave. “I try to vacation to a warm, sunny place each January,” says Canadian businessman Alexis Assadi. “I make it a priority because it helps me reset and just feel happier overall. The trip doesn’t have to be extravagant and I’ll still work while I’m away. However, the sunlight and warmth are revitalizing. It’s completely necessary for me.”

If you’re not able to travel during this time, try disconnecting from your work and have a “staycation.” Do the things in your city that you’ve always wanted to do, but didn’t have time for. Go to that new restaurant. See the movie that your friend recommended. Go for drinks with that person who you’ve been meaning to reach out to. While you may not escape the winter, you can still have a fun and relaxing time.

Exercise Regularly

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It’s well-known that exercise is important to one’s health. But it can be difficult to stick to a regimen in bad weather. A lot of willpower is needed to go for an outdoor jog when it is raining outside. Make it easier on yourself by working out indoors. You don’t necessarily need to purchase an expensive gym membership in order to do this.

For example, you can buy a $10 jump-rope and skip under the cover of your garage or porch. You can do push-ups, jumping-jacks and burpees anywhere. However, if you are used to exercising outdoors, try to do so whenever possible. If there’s a day of good weather, take advantage of it.

Pay Attention to Nutrition

Coupled with the winter is also the holiday season. Many of us will celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas and other festive traditions that come filled with calories and sugar. It is quite common to pack on a few pounds during this time. While there’s probably little harm in the occasional indulgence, you should be aware of your dietary habits.

Not only can overeating for extended periods be unhealthy, but it can also cause us to feel badly about ourselves – potentially adding to the demotivation.

Visit Your Doctor

Before the winter season begins, take a quick trip to your family doctor for a check-up. Your physician can assess your health and give you advice for the following months.

Winters are characterized by family, celebrations, food and fun. But it’s often a period when people get sick, feel lethargic and even depressed. You can help avoid that fate by following these three simple steps. It takes a bit of willpower and motivation, but the results will be worth it.


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