5 Ways to Control your Addiction

Addiction treatment is often started in a rehabilitation center. This early part of treatment often focuses on getting through the withdrawal symptoms and beginning counseling.

These treatment plans, however, only last a few weeks. This is very short period, considering everything that needs to be done to combat an addiction. There a many thing you can do to get control of your addiction.

You must commit to getting better and work at it daily.

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Put in on Paper

When you are dealing with an addiction, your mind may be racing with all the things that are ailing you. You may be thinking about your cravings, fears, and physical discomfort. Take some to get some of the clutter out of your mind. Write down reasons why you want to quit, negative aspects of your addiction, and goals.

It can be satisfying to check things off, as well. Set small goals, as well as large ones. Make a list of things you need to do such as inquire at a treatment center, make an appointment with a counselor, and eat a healthy meal. No goal is too small. It takes many milestones to reach an addiction-free life. While you have the paper and pen out, try your hand at some doodling or art. Many people find this relaxing.


There may be times when you feel you cannot fight anymore. You may need to simply stop what you are doing and take a nap. Recovering from addiction takes time. You may not feel your best every day.

You may require more sleep and down time. If you are having trouble sleeping, you may not be able to complete your daily tasks well. Try soothing music, hot tea, or reading a book. Regular exercise can also help you sleep better.

Get Moving

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Exercise has many benefits. It is good for both your physical and mental health. Early on in your addiction treatment, you may not feel like doing much physically. Exercising does not have to consist of a strenuous workout. Start by taking a walk once a day. You can also try a light exercise routine with a video in your home. Your brain releases chemicals when you exercise that make you feel more content.

Regular exercise also improves your energy level and immune system. Aim to get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes at a time. As you become stronger, you can try a more rigorous workout. Many people fighting addiction find comfort in cycling, running, or swimming.

Proper Treatment

At some point, most addicts need to seek out professional treatment. This may include a stay at a rehabilitation center or outpatient counseling. When you are addicted to drugs heavy drugs, withdrawal is best done in a medical setting. You may need care around the clock while your body is detoxifying. A look at treating addiction with various methods. Some clinics are set out in the country to get addicts away from the stress of daily life. The recently popular ibogaine clinics are located only in countries where ibogaine is not illegal.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is an important part of helping your body heal. After years of drug use, your body needs everything it can get to begin to function better. You also need proper nutrition to maintain your energy levels. It takes a lot out of you to fight an addiction. Replenish with proper amounts of protein, fruits, and vegetables. Avoid excess sugar, as it can make you tired a moody.

Overcoming addiction takes time. You must get up every morning and commit to fighting hard to remain clear of drugs. Part of this dedication means taking good care of your overall health. Eating right, resting, and exercising can help you have more energy and make your immune system more effective. It can also help to fight off anxiety and depression that might go along with your addiction.









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