Is CBD Oil Good For Both Man And Pet?

CBD is a chemical extracted from the hemp plant or cannabis. Whereas this chemical is useful in some ways, the other chemical, THC, from the same plant makes pets, and human feel high. It has psychoactive properties. And that is the reason many people are reluctant to use the chemical.

Generally speaking, the importance of CBD oil far outweighs its negative implications. In fact, it is even possible to tap only the benefits while avoiding the adverse effects.

In this article, your worries of whether or not CBD oil is good for both man and pet will be answered. You will also learn some benefits of the drug.

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Let’s dive right in.

Humans and pets alike, have cannabinoids receptors in their systems. They are located in the brain, central nervous system, the immune system and some other organs in the body. These are the receptors that are targeted by this drug.

In other words, the mechanism of action of CBD takes place here. Without such receptors, the drug would be useless regardless of the amount ingested.

Hemp for my pet works the same way in a man. And the drug is equally safe for a man as it is for a dog. The ingredients for this drug has passed through a series of tests, even with the third parties to determine whether or not a man can use it safely. What they have found out is one: it is entirely safe. The dosing recommended on this drug for a dog is the same dose that works well for a man. Away from that, to make the oil completely safe, plants that were sprayed with pesticides are not used here.


If the drug is safe for a man as it is for pets, you will ask, why then don’t they market it to a man just as they do for a dog?

Here is the answer:

In as much as they use the right doses that are ideal for humans and dogs alike, marketing the drug to a man is not an informed decision. The implications of doing that is an increased liability. Thus, companies have seen it better to just focus on dogs alone.

But the bottom line:

It is safe for you as well.

At what level is it safe?

Needless to say, you will have to stick to the recommended doses of the drug to remain safe. This is true for both your consumption and that of your dog.

For your dog, the dosage is dependent on its weight. It is important to start with a low dose as you increase it gradually. You increase it as you monitor the reaction. If you noticed some side effects developing such as lethargy, vomiting, aggression, tremors or agitation, or anything unusual, you are advised to stop it immediately and call a vet. If the side effects are mild, you can only stop administering the drug for a while as the dog recovers. From there, you can restart the medication, but this time with an even lower dose.

In human beings, the dosage still dependents on the body weight. And on top of that, the dose is dependent on the disease you are treating.

Now that CBD oil is safe for a man and a pet, what are the benefits?

In dogs, CBD oil is widely known to treat arthritis. This is a common disease, especially among senior dogs. It causes inflammations mostly in joints. And since CBD is an anti-inflammatory agent, it will cure it.

The benefits a man gets from this anti-inflammatory property of CBD oil is a cure for Type I diabetes. It is a disease that sets in when the immune system attacks the pancreases. The resulting inflammation can be treated by CBD oil. Research on this, however, is still at infancy.

It will boost the appetite for both dogs and human beings. It also treats anxiety. If your dog has high levels of anxiety, this drug will relieve that as it comes with a relaxing effect. It does the same for human beings, but you have to talk with your physician to treat the underlying cause of anxiety as well.

In humans, CBD oil has been established to cure epilepsy. The FDA has approved the drug for such treatments. The dosage dependents on the body weight. However, it is not advisable for use among children below the age of two. It is also important to use under prescription by a physician

Still, on humans, research has found out that CBD oil can be used to fight cancer. It combats cancerous cells from growing. It is safe, but you have to be particularly cautious when it comes to the dose to use. This is because CBD oil has a low therapeutic index and high levels could be toxic.


It is easy to bust away CBD oil thinking it is the marijuana that some people smoke. This is not true. CBD oil does not have THC, a chemical that causes a buzz or psychoactive effects.

Instead, it is a chemical that cures a vast number of diseases in both dogs and humans. The reason why it works in humans and pets is that they both have cannabinoids receptors in their system.

They are located in the brain, the central nervous system, the immune system and some other organs in the body. And this is where the mechanism of action of CBD takes place. It provides relieve from pain, inflammations in any part of the body, anxiety and can even boost appetite in both humans and pets.

The drug is entirely safe and pets, as well as a man, can use. FDA already approved the drug to be used by humans for some specific treatments.

You only need to be cautious with the dose. And just like any drug, an overdose could be harmful, but the ideal dose is entirely safe. This is because the drug works differently in different systems.



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