A Review of Medifast: Is Their Diet Still Relevant?

If you want to lose weight, and most people do these days, you have to combine a healthy diet with exercise. Exercising is the easier part. Maintaining a proper and healthy diet is the most challenging part for most people.

Luckily, there are diet plans that one can follow and eat healthy without too much hustle. One of them is the Medifast diet. While it has been around for a while, the Medifast diet is still relevant today.

Weight loss; image source: pexels.com

This source is a good testimonial that Medifast works. In case you were having second thoughts about it, here are a few reasons why the Medifast diet is still relevant.

Special Diets

There is a diet for everyone at Medifast. Whether you are a vegetarian, diabetic or an athlete, you are bound to find a suitable meal plan here. There are diabetic, vegetarian, high diet and kosher diets. They can even customize a meal plan for you based on your present circumstances and health condition.

It is recommended that you always consult your physician if you have any prevailing medical conditions like obesity, hypertension, and diabetes among others. The doctor will recommend your diet plan based on your condition, then you can have Medifast customize it for you.

Proven meals for weight loss

Medifast meal plans have a proven track record of helping people lose weight. To achieve this goal, you will be required to stick to the meal plans without too many deviations. However, this does not mean that you will be confined to only a specific type of food. You will have a variety of foods that will help you burn the required calories based on your health status.

You will still have a window of buying some extra foods to cater for some of your other meals. The good thing is that you will not just do this blindly. Medifast prepares for you a list of foods that you should buy for this purpose.


Medifast provides with utmost convenience. If you are a very busy person that you cannot find time to prepare even a simple meal, then you should not worry. Medifast has got you covered.

They will deliver properly prepared meals right at your doorstep. You do not have to source for your meals from a variety of delivery meal plans. Medifast will ensure you get all that you will need. Remember that you can have your meals customized to your liking.


In addition to having quality and healthy meals, you pay reasonable prices for these meals. If you compare Medifast’s meals with most of the other meal plan services, it is one of the more affordable options.

Besides, cost should not be an issue when looking to eat healthily. The cost of a healthy meal is much lower than the cost of treating lifestyle diseases.

Don’t forget to exercise

Remember, as much as you are dieting, exercise should also be part of your routine. Dieting in itself will not help you stay healthy or lose weight.

You need to burn some calories for you to lose weight, then eat enough and healthy food that will not add on to the burnt calories. With the Medifast diet plan, you just need 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise.



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